EuroLotto Casino Review


100% up to €100 in welcome bonus

Percentage Payout: N/A

Minimum Deposit: €20

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  • Founded: 2011
  • Software: Amaya (Chartwell), Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Kootac
  • Licensing: Malta Gaming Authority
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Review of EuroLotto Casino

About EuroLotto

EuroLotto Casino is one of the most established online gaming houses serving customers throughout Europe and in many other regions of the world where online gambling has been legalized. The casino, which is operated by PlayCherry Group, is based in Malta and has been certified to handle online gambling by virtually every major regulatory group. Despite a stellar reputation throughout Europe, the slots and table games offered online by EuroLotto are not available in Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, or the United States, due largely to legalization or regulatory issues preventing the casino from serving those customers.

Customers whose countries permit them to access EuroLotto will find a massive number of slots available through both web-based and mobile interfaces. In fact, despite the “Lotto” in its name, EuroLotto is primarily focused on the design, development, and deployment of virtual slots games in various denominations. Table games, including many variations of blackjack and poker, are still available, however, and offer table game players a way to play their favorite games for real money.



When Visiting EuroLotto

The EuroLotto Casino website is designed to resemble the tropical casinos found in hot destinations all over the world, with a highly responsive, mobile-scalable design that uses bright colors and cultivates an airy, open feel. This is a relaxing design that focuses primarily on the game being played, giving customers a singular focus on their chosen game instead of distracting them with flashy graphics, tickers, and other elements.The casino uses Secure Socket Layer certificate technology on all gaming, account, and financial sections of the website. SSL technology is an absolutely essential part of browsing the web securely. Customers’ information will be fully protected and encrypted while using the website, which greatly reduces the likelihood of a damaging hack or identity theft. This type of security technology should be considered an absolutely essential factor of choosing an online casino, and it’s nice to see that EuroLotto has gone the distance to encrypt virtually all information that is transmitted on any page of their extensive online gaming website.

Upon arriving at the casino and taking the steps necessary to begin playing EuroLotto’s most popular games, gamblers will find three primary categories that appeal to different gaming styles and types. Currently, EuroLotto Casino offers the following gaming categories:

  • Lottery Games: The EuroLotto Casino name is derived from the fact that this online gaming house offers lottery games that are presented throughout the day. Gamers at EuroLotto can play two of the world’s biggest lottery games: Mega Millions and the Powerball Jackpot. Alongside these highly popular international lottery games, the casino also offers the EuroLotto and EuroJackpot as well as Dino Lotto and Lotto 6 49 games. All jackpots are paid in euros.
  • Online Slots: An online casino’s most popular offering is almost always its online slot machines, and EuroLotto delivers in this department in a big way. The casino offers over 200 online slot games, including some of the most popular slots in Europe. Licensed slot machine games include the popular Game of Thrones and South Park slot machines, while other popular games offered by EuroLotto Casino include Quick Hits, Mythic Maiden, and Reel Chaos. Video poker, spin poker, and video blackjack games are also available at this online casino. When players decide to play an online slot game, they can often determine the bidding amount of each credit as well as the maximum bet. As with the lotteries at EuroLotto Casino, all bets are paid and won in euros.
  • Virtual Table Games: Table games are a must-have option for both online and offline casinos, and players who prefer these games will not be disappointed by the selection at EuroLotto. Nearly a dozen different poker table games are available at the casino. Blackjack players can also select from several variations of this popular table game. Games like roulette, Let It Ride, and even keno, are also available in this section of the online casino.


Deposit Bonus & Free Spins at EuroLotto

One of the best parts about playing in an online casino is the deposit bonus that is typically offered to new and existing customers. The most common form of deposit bonus is a “deposit match” scheme, where casinos offer to match the amount of money that a player deposits into their gaming account from their European bank account. EuroLotto currently offers a full match of a new customer’s bank deposit, up to a maximum of 100 euros.

In addition to matching the customer’s deposit, new customers will also get 20 “risk-free spins” on a virtual slot machine of their choosing. These spins are made without using deposited funds. Any winnings can be deposited into the customer’s account for playing at a later time. Occasionally, EuroLotto also offers 5 additional free spins for each new bank deposit made by an existing customer. These free spins work just the same as the “risk-free spins” given to new gamers.

Non-Deposit Bonus & Free Spins at EuroLotto

EuroLotto runs a slate of recurring promotions that require no deposit at all. One of the most generous options is a free 100-euro deposit into a new customer’s bank account just for signing up. This rare promotion requires customers to play at least half the “free” balance in order to cash out any potential winnings from their time at the online casino. More often than this 100-euro bonus, EuroLotto typically offers a 5-spin option for new customers without requiring a deposit. The company allows new customers to play five spins, at the maximum bet, on a slot machine of their choosing without requiring an active balance. The winnings from these free spins can be cashed out immediately, without any additional play required.
Eurolotto mobile

EuroLotto in Mobile

Like most of today’s largest and most competitive online gaming houses, EuroLotto offers a robust mobile experience for gamers on the go. Notably, the casino does not offer a mobile application for the Android or iOS mobile platforms. Instead, EuroLotto is accessible on mobile devices by using a special, mobile-centric website that features the company’s most popular lottery, slots, and table games. The primary difference between the desktop version and the mobile version of the casino is the absence of Flash games and a focus on HTML5 technology that offers cross-device compatibility.Essentially, the casino is available on any modern smartphone or tablet at any hour of the day. Customers will need to log in with their same username and password in order to access the mobile casino, and will benefit from the same commitment to SSL encryption during every aspect of their experience.

Wagering Requirement

Mobile casinos typically have a wagering requirement that pertains to cashing out a deposit bonus or any money earned from free spins during a promotional period. At EuroLotto, this wagering requirement is a “50 percent” requirement. Essentially, players must spend at least 50 percent of their bonus funds in order to cash out their winnings. If a customer deposits 100 euros, and receives a 100-euro match, they must play at least 50 euros at the casino before they will be permitted to make an initial deposit. This applies only to promotional funds, however. Customers who are not playing with promotional funds are free to deposit and cash out at a time of their choosing.

Deposits & Withdrawal

EuroLotto Casino offers several options for customers to deposit funds. The most popular of these is perhaps the direct IBAN bank deposit using a bank account number and routing number. The casino also accepts instant or near-instant deposits from Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, or Instant Bank. Customers may deposit no less than two euros. IBAN and Instant Bank transfers are unlimited in their size; Skrill transfers are limited to 10,000 euros; Visa and MasterCard transfers are limited to 600 euros. All transfer methods except IBAN bank transfers, which can take between one and 5 business days, are completed in as little as 5 minutes.

Customer Support at EuroLotto

As a fully licensed casino, EuroLotto Casino has recognized the importance of a strong commitment to customer service. The company’s primary method of contact and issue resolution is through a round-the-clock live chat portal. Live chats are available to handle everything from common billing and deposit issues to technical concerns and questions about how online gambling works within the EuroLotto website. Through the chat is billed as a 24-hour option, there are times when the chat service is down for a break or for maintenance. In the event of live chat downtime, there are other options available to customers that can still resolve their issues.Customers who prefer more conventional support can use an international hotline to get in touch with a EuroLotto Casino representative. The hotline, like the live chat, can resolve virtually all of the most common issues, including questions about casino games, deposits, billing, security, and the technical information behind online gaming. The international hotline has more limited availability throughout the day than the online chat, however, and may not always be able to answer a customer’s questions in real time. When this occurs, a third option is available.

EuroLotto’s email support option is the third avenue of customer support at the online casino. Customers can use email to resolve all of the same problems mentioned in conjunction with the live chat and hotline options, but response times will be greater. While phone and chat support will provide virtually instant results, the casino commits to a longer, 24-hour response time when customers use email for support needs. Even so, this is a solid support option that can be used after-hours and when the live chat is down. Combined with the other support options, it makes EuroLotto a highly responsive casino for customer needs at any hour of the day.


100% up to €100 in welcome bonus

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