20 Fun Facts about Gambling you didn’t know

fun gambling facts

1. It is thought that Roulette game was invented by the well-known scientist Blaise Pascal as a result of his tries and numerous tests held with the aim to create perpetual motion machine.

2. The first playing dices that are these days used at craps were used by tribesmen to predict the future.

3. The first law that forbade gambling activities in Massachusetts was passed back in 1638.

4. According to studies, the gamblers are cheating more often at private games rather than at specific gambling venues.

5. In the city of Las Vegas, the number of slots is so high that each eighth resident can take a seat and play.

6. Today at online casinos you can face high slots listings that include classic, video slot games and even Wheel of Fortune style slots.

7. Among all the players who gamble online or just look for any information relating online gambling such as slots, roulette, blackjack tips and other games rules, 75% of them are gambling addicts.

8. Purple dabbers used in Bingo are the most popular with the Bingo fans.

9. If you add all the numbers depicted on the roulette, you will get 666 which is thought to be the Devil number. That’s why roulette and gambling are usually associated with the Devil and sin.

10. Big casino stocks may be are the so-called blue chips. This name derived from poker games where blue chips have higher denomination than red and white chips.

11. There are 44 million ways to make B-I-N-G-O on the ticket containing 90 numbers.

12. From Spanish, the name Las Vegas can be translated as the “Meadows.”

13. There are no clocks and windows at the casinos and other gambling venues.

14. Approximately 24% of American residents stated that once they were involved in illegal gambling.

15. Blackjack hall of fame was founded in 2002 to honor the best blackjack players, authors, and experts.

16. Each day at the famous Caesars Palace, one of the largest Las Vegas gambling venues, 7,000 breakfasts is served for visitors. During 24 hours nearly 2.8 million eggs are eaten, 3,000 ounces of juice and 427 pounds of coffee are drunk at this establishment.

17. The famous MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas is larger than the Yankee Stadium playing field.

18. Stratosphere Casino and Hotel situated in Las Vegas is the highest building west of the Mississippi River.

19. The first sandwich was invented by John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who liked to eat fried meat between two pieces of bread and thus he could keep one hand free at the casino table.

20. Gambling was first legalized in Nevada back in 1931.

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