The Five Biggest Online Gaming Wins in History!

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Winning big money is every online gamblers dream. Hitting that progressive jackpot or scoring a huge, life-changing win is the stuff that dreams are made of. However, how many people have seen that kind of a win, and how much was their prize? This article will take a look at the five biggest online gaming wins in the history of internet gambling. See all best online casinos

Number Five: D.P. – $8.82 Million

Normally, when someone becomes a millionaire, everyone knows who he or she is. Unfortunately, this probably makes it rather difficult for the winner as friends, long lost relatives and all manner of persons and organizations come out of the woodwork looking for a handout.
However, someone, known only by the initials D.P., doesn’t have that problem. He (or she) is the number five winner on our list of online gambling mega-millionaires. All that anyone knows about this lucky person is that they were playing on an iPad at Zodiac Casino, enjoying the colorful – and obviously aptly named – Mega Moolah slot game when they hit the jackpot.
The casino management revealed that D.P. was signed up for their 80 Chances to Become a Millionaire game, which only required a deposit of about a dollar. For D.P. that dollar enabled him or her to play Mega Moolah and hit that jackpot, making the lucky gambler, not a millionaire but a multi-millionaire instead.
Just think about this anonymous person and try to imagine who they might be. Are they young or old? Are they a businessman or a college student? Are they a grandmother or a young lady just graduating high school and deciding on a college? The possibilities are endless, and the good news is – that could be you with a check for nearly nine million dollars!

Number Four: Alexander – $9.57 Million

A 30-year-old man from Sweden named Alexander takes the number four spot on this list. He was able to win €8,577,204, which translates to $9.57 million. He won it on the popular NetEnt game Mega Moolah, the very same game that the number five entry on this list played to win. There’s no doubt that this game has changed more than one life.
Alex made ComeOn his casino of choice for this game, which luckily featured NetEnt’s Mega Moolah game. Alex’s win was on the 28th of November in 2015. He was only 30 years old when he suddenly had enough money to retire and live on for the rest of his life – a life of luxury. He said when he won that he could not speak for several minutes. When he finally recovered enough to speak, he woke his wife up to celebrate with him.
He said that he would use the money to pay off his mortgage and probably treat himself and his wife to a few holidays and a new car. However, otherwise, he was planning to “lay low.” A representative of NetEnt, Simon Hammon, the Chief Product Officer, said that the company had paid out more than €13 million in the previous two weeks to Alex’s win.

Number Three: Anonymous – $12,528,521

As a rule, the players who win big jackpots prefer to remain anonymous. In fact, the casino management counsels big winners to get a financial advisor immediately, to remain anonymous and finally, to stop playing for a while.
This anonymous young man from Norway decided to do some online gambling after experiencing a bout of insomnia. It was September 24th, 2011, and at the time, he set the record for the biggest win in an online casino. The unnamed young man said that he was so excited that he stayed up until 6:00 AM before finally going to bed.
The game he played was called Mega Fortune. Huy Thomas, of Betsson, said that he was also in shock that someone had won such a large jackpot at his casino and he said that it would be great for the casino to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Number Two: Jonathan Haywood – $17.2 Million

26-year-old Jon Haywood from Crewe, Cheshire in England won more than 17 million dollars with a simple 25p bet. Haywood was a soldier who served in Afghanistan, and the money could not have gone to a better person.
Haywood vowed to spend as much money as it took for his sick father’s medical treatment. Haywood said, “The first thing I will spend it on is the best possible medical treatment for my dad. That is more important than anything. Family comes first, and I would give all this money back for him to be healthy again.”
His father was waiting for a lung and heart transplant. However, Haywood still dreamed of a few things after his father was healthy. He said he would get a yellow Bentley Continental GT with the money to replace his Fiat, as well as send his relatives on a terrific holiday. He won the prize playing Mega Moolah, which makes three out of the five winners on this list rich thanks to Mega Moolah. It is pretty obvious which game you should be playing if you want to win big.

Number One: Anonymous – $24 Million

A man from Finland takes the number one spot with a win of €17,861,800 which translates to $24 million. Not much is known about this winner as he has taken steps to remain anonymous. He is in his 40’s, and he won playing Mega Fortune at a NetEnt casino called PAF.
He placed a 25 cent bet to hit the jackpot and was quoted as saying, “I laughed and cried at the same time.” Just think, you could place a $0.25 bet yourself and walk away with a fortune. All you have to do is place the bet and see if you are a big winner. Imagine what you could do with any of the winning amounts on this list.

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