Should You Gamble or not When Tired?

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Don’t Gamble When Tired

Seeing as online casinos always have the house edge on their side, online casino players need to do all that they can to give themselves the best advantage that they can get.

One of the ways to do this is that players should ensure that they know and understand the rules of all the games they choose to play. Players should also make sure that they know the best strategy for playing those games that require strategy, and the best betting strategy for those games that are better played with this knowledge.

Players can also take advantage of free online casino games that can be used for the chance to practice the games that they wish to play, and test out any new strategy, or betting tactics that they have learned.

Should be alert

Another particularly important point to remember is that players should be alert when they play to make the best possible decisions promptly. For this reason, it is suggested that players avoid alcohol before and during online casino play. However, alcohol is not the only thing that can impair a player’s judgment. Those players that are feeling tired should be aware that their decision-making ability is affected by a lack of sleep. Just as it is not a very good idea to drive when one is tired if it can be avoided, it is also best to avoid any activities that require quick decisions.

We all know that we function much better after a good and restful night of sleep while working, and going about our days. Online casino players will realize over time that although playing in an online casino can be relaxing, and a great leisure activity, there are times when players will lose more over simple mistakes and bad judgment calls because they are tired.


Interestingly, there has been a study done at Duke University regarding the ability to make decisions while tired. The study showed that those who were sleep-deprived, and therefore tired, made decisions with an “optimism bias.”

This means that these people would end up taking bigger risks because they would forget to realize that the outcome could be negative, rather than positive. Although not conclusive, neuroscientists feel that this kind of behavior may well be because of the change in the level of dopamine after a player has been deprived of sleep.

This study, therefore, shows that not only might players make risky decisions but being sure that they will win, they may end up doubling their wagers when it naturally increases the risk of losing.

So, next time you’re thinking of staying up and gambling around the clock, at least make the decision to take breaks and rest in between, even if you do not manage to get a full good night’s sleep.

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