Pragmatic Play Introduces a Faster-Paced Experience for Players

Pragmatic Play Introduces a Faster-Paced Experience for Players

Pragmatic Play – the live casino software developers behind a number of leading online games – has introduced a new offering to its range. This new gaming option is intended to accelerate the player experience by providing fast-paced gameplay for customers to enjoy.

This new game is Speed Blackjack – essentially just a quicker, more frenetic version of standard online blackjack but something that represents an interesting step in the online casino market.

The team behind Pragmatic Play’s Speed Blackjack says that the game has been built with a number of different features, including auto-decisions and intuitively designed side bets that keep the action moving forward quickly without reducing the quality of the gameplay. According to a press release from Pragmatic Play, game round length is reduced by up to 30%, while the automatic features are based on the player’s own strategy – intended to increase the pace of play without taking decisions out of the player’s hands.

Pragmatic Play’s Chief Business Development Officer, Yossi Barzely, cited the success of the company’s live casino games as a key factor behind the new product launch, stating the firm’s intent to “capitalize further on the luxury environment.”

“Bringing new gaming opportunities to players is at the core of what we aim to do at Pragmatic Play,” Barzely said. “We’re very pleased to grow the footprint of our catalog further with the launch of our new product, Speed Blackjack.”

Accelerated Gameplay and the Future of Live Casino Gambling

The move from Pragmatic Play is an interesting one, as it hints at a potential new direction for the live casino market as a whole. One of the key selling points of the live casino market has always been convenience – players want to be able to play their favorite casino-based games in a digital environment, connecting with the excitement of casino gambling from the comfort of their own homes or other spaces.

In the pandemic phase, this need for convenience was made all the more acute. Customers who felt uneasy returning to physical gaming environments so soon after the pandemic found that they could continue to enjoy the games they loved without anxiety or worry.

High-speed gameplay certainly fits this idea of a highly convenient form of gambling. Players may not always feel like devoting a significant portion of their day to live casino betting and may prefer simply to enjoy a short session here and there. When gameplay is accelerated to this level, this form of ultra-convenient live casino gameplay becomes all the more attractive for players.

More traditional gaming – played at a pace more reminiscent of a physical casino floor – will always have a place in the live casino environment. However, fast-paced offerings like Pragmatic Play’s Speed Blackjack – and other speedy updates to familiar casino products – may become increasingly prominent as the player appetite for rapid gameplay grows. Players in search of a more manageable experience that fits around their own schedules may find that these faster-paced games are ideal for this purpose.

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