4 Slot Machine Myths that People Still Believe

myths about slot machines

Gambling online is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for those who want the thrill of the casino without leaving the comfort of home. Unfortunately, some people eschew online slot machines due to some widespread myths. While gambling has always been surrounded by various systems and schemes that have little connection with reality, slot machines seem particularly susceptible. If you’ve avoided online slot machines because of these myths, it’s time for a dose of truth.

Online Slot Machines Run Hot and Cold

This is the classic gambler’s fallacy, and online slot machines are only the latest game to attract this myth. Players believe in hot and cold streaks when it comes to poker, blackjack, and even the roulette wheel. It’s fine to “believe” in the hot machine theory if it makes playing more fun for you, but don’t confuse it with fact.

You Can Crack an Online Slot Machine’s RNG

Wherever there is money to be made; fantastical claims will always follow. Take a look at any online bookstore and see how many guides have been written claiming to offer a foolproof way to win the state lottery. Online slot machines aren’t lotteries, but they are just as random. Anyone claiming otherwise is just selling snake oil.

Real World Slot Machines are better than Online Games

If you prefer waiting in line behind an old lady with a soda cup full of quarters, this myth may hold some truth for you. Certainly, there are reasons to prefer gambling in a real casino. The social environment, the excitement of the lights and sounds, and the cheap drinks can’t be duplicated online. But if you believe that real-world slot machines offer a fairer game than their online counterparts, you’re mistaken. Real slot machines are digitally based, just like the ones you find online. They are the same game in different formats.

The Cold Truth

Online slot machines offer the same chances to win as their real-world counterparts. With random number generators that can’t be cracked and aren’t governed by hot and cold streaks, they are perhaps the purest form of gambling in existence. Anytime you’re ready to risk a few bucks on a chance to win big, disregard these common myths and belly up to a virtual one-armed bandit.

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