10 Tips How to Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing Scams

10 tips How to Avoid Phishing Scams:

  1. Never log into your e-wallet account from a link provided in an email or anywhere else, such as a third-party site.avoid Phishing Scams
  2. Never provide sensitive information via a third party website.
  3. Remember that your online casino would not ask you for your e-wallet log in details and that your e-wallet site would not ask for your online casino log in details.
  4. In case one of your online accounts is compromised, make sure that you use different passwords for each of your online accounts, especially those that could contain sensitive banking information, e-wallet information, or login details from a site that might have your credit card details stored, such as an online store that you often buy from.
  5. New phishing schemes are created all the time, so players should keep an eye out for any communications or emails that they receive that do not seem correct.
  6. Do not phone a customer services number that is listed on the site where the scam email took you to. Make sure to go to the right site to get the right contact details for the real customer services department. Remember that customer services will never ask a player their online casino or e-wallet password.
  7. When receiving a phishing email, forward it to customer services so that they can send out an alert to others if necessary.
  8. Anytime you wish to do online financial transactions, enter the URL yourself, or at least click on the site via a popular search engine. Never enter any details on a ‘secure’ site via a third party or an email.
  9. Check the email address carefully if you suspect the email is a scam. Look for small and easy to miss typos in the spelling of the company name or any other words, and look for any extra words that do not usually form part of the URL of the site you are dealing with.
  10. Be vigilant because those who set up phishing scams can even, for example, send out an email warning you of phishing scams on a particular site, and then asking you to log into your account and change your password immediately. Remember, never click through from an email and then provide your password or any other sensitive details.

Take the time to inform the online casino customer service or the e-wallet customer services department if you have received a scam email that may have been sent for phishing. This will help alert the e-wallet provider who may be able to stop the fraud or prevent others from being caught. Next time, it could be another user that will report a possible phishing scheme, and their reporting it could help you to keep safe.

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