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Slots games are one of a kind. These games have been around since the 18th century. Back in the day, slots games were not themes and did not have all the flashy elements featured in modern-day online slots titles. The slot game was in its purest form, featuring a drum-powered machine that relied on a poker deck. Slots have undoubtedly made massive strides since then. However, for all their familiarity, there are still many interesting facts that remain unknown to many. These include:

Slots Machines Never Run Hot or Cold

Some slots players believe that slots machines often run hot or cold – meaning that there are times when the machines favor the player more than others. However, the random nature of slots results means that no player can predict the outcome of any slot machine. So, any claim that a slot game is either hot or cold is untrue.

There Are No Slots Pros

No slots player can be labeled a pro. As mentioned in the previous fact, a random number generator generates slots outcomes, making it impossible for anyone to call themselves a pro. While some punters might hold a different opinion, no known strategy leads to consistent wins.

Slots Machines Keep Running Even When No One Plays

While this can be hard to prove, it is worth noting that slots machines are continuously moving in the background even if no one plays. They are designed to work to guarantee that the results are entirely random. This is the surest way to ensure that external factors cannot influence the game’s outcomes.

Slots Machines Go By Many Names

Slots machines go by different names in different countries. While they are popular by this name in the US, the English refer to them as Fruit Games or Fruties, Australians call them Pokies, and the Scotts call them Piggies. Traditionally, slot games also went by the name one-armed bandits.

Slots Machines Pay 90% of All Amounts Waggered

Slot machines account for up to 80% of the revenue generated by most online casinos. However, this does not mean that they are designed to run punter’s pockets dry. Slots machines pay more than 90% of the money they earn. This can be interpreted to mean that nine out of ten players are assured of winning. Easy, this is not always the case considering that some of the amounts wagered are often added to the jackpot pool.

Slots Can be Addictive than Other Casino Games

Multiple studies have concluded that slots machines are highly addictive – three to four more times than other games. The reasons given for this observation are diverse, key among them being that the slots titles are easy to play and the fact that they dominate most casinos in terms of numbers.

There are many things to love about slots games. The machines are undoubtedly more remarkable than most people give them credit for. The best part about them is that there is always something to cater to everyone’s taste out there.

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