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How it all Began

The car mechanic Charles Fey (1887) invented the first slot machine as a pastime for his waiting customers.

Slots at Casinorank

68% of the players in Las Vegas play slot machines. On every eighth of Las Vegas residents by a game machine.


time alterdas first online slot game (Fantastic Sevens) with one win line and 3 reels, was published in 1997 by Microgaming.

The Right thing to do

All modern slot machines use generators of random numbers. The Pressing of the button “Play “, uses the latest sequence, in order to determine the result.

All Random

Еach Time it palms off on living on the reels will generate a new random number. Ie, the production of two large winning combinations in a row!

Chance of winning

Chance of winning slot machines are programmed in the rule that you have to pay out a profit of 82% to 98% of the players use (this is defined by the law).

Winning Millions

Winning millions is a group of linked slot machines – so-called “Jackpot” – has achieved a large profit, which can amount to millions of euros.


The biggest ever cracked slot machine Jackpot in Las Vegas, where a 25-year-old won a whopping 39,710,826.36 $ to ran off with!

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