Customer Rewards Could Shape Affiliate Marketing in 2022


Affiliate marketing has always been transactional in terms of its benefits. Basically, affiliate marketers need to provide traffic and conversions to the companies they work with, while companies need to offer proper remuneration to their affiliates, securing the services of the best affiliate marketers for their businesses.

But the way in which companies offer remuneration to their affiliates may be changing. Rather than delivering a commission to an affiliate marketer as a reward for a successful conversion, affiliates may begin to offer customer rewards instead — essentially turning their affiliate program into a consumer loyalty program.

An Alternative Form of Remuneration

Let’s say an online casino operates an affiliate marketing program. They may provide a commission every time a customer signs up for an account or places a deposit. By instead encouraging direct consumer shares and recommendations, then providing customer rewards as a  form of remuneration, the casino effectively ensures that their commissions come back to them. For example, offering a cashback deposit or free spins in return for a conversion is likely to result in further profits for the casino.

So, providing customer rewards as reward bonuses might be a good situation for online casinos and other gambling providers, but where does this leave the affiliate marketers that drive this industry? After all, affiliate marketing is based upon the transactional model we’ve discussed above — both parties need to see a mutual benefit from this transaction. Affiliate marketers might enjoy customer bonuses here and there, but these rewards are not going to help them earn a living. 

Acceptable Solutions for Affiliate Marketers and Partners Alike

Firstly, affiliate marketers should not panic. The affiliate market continues to be a growing one, and affiliate marketing programs are driving 2022 revenue growth for many online betting providers. However, in this potential new normal, affiliates may find themselves exercising their power in new ways. Affiliates may need to demonstrate their worth to their partners, essentially justifying the services they provide and the commissions they receive in return.

This could be a key affiliate marketing trend for 2022 and beyond, as affiliate marketers draw upon conversion data and other information to demonstrate their worth to their partners. By delivering this irrefutable data to their affiliate partners, marketers will find themselves in a position of greater power, proving how valuable they are to their partners. When it comes to potentially renegotiating their affiliate contracts in the future, affiliate marketers will have a strong hand and can ensure that remuneration contracts suit their needs in the future.

Shaping the Affiliate Market for 2022 and Beyond 

The influence on affiliate trends is likely to extend beyond 2022. Affiliates need to build positive relationships with their partners, ensuring that both sides of the partnership are treated fairly. Affiliates also need to recognize their own worth. As affiliate programs are such a driving force behind the ongoing development of the online betting industry, they must make sure they are remunerated accordingly.

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