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Casino News New names for Free Spins – regulations by the UK Gambling Commission

New names for Free Spins – regulations by the UK Gambling Commission

Free Spins No more! Who doesn’t like free goodies? When the term ‘free’ is mentioned, everybody gets excited and sometimes, people end up making wrong ...

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The world of Online Casinos has exploded the last years, and so have the bonus offers! CasinoRank analyses and test the casinos and investigate the bonus offers. Whether you look for the best no deposit bonus, free money bonus or free spins, we have the top lists for it covering the best online casinos with the latest bonuses. We are also running portal with all international casinos listed by country that we can recommend you to visit as well,

A no deposit bonus is probably one of the most excellent ways to play casino games without any risks. At CasinoRank, we have come up with the best bonuses, currently available. As you scroll below, you will get to enjoy the amazing promos that we come across. Due to the global competition, this compels most operators to compete for players, and one of the ways to do this is by offering lucrative casino bonuses.

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US Friendly Casino

Although many types of casino bonuses are available in the market, the most sought after and the popular promo is undoubtedly the no deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus simply means what it seems like. It is one of those casino bonuses that you will get free of cost. You won’t have to deposit any capital to get it activated. In other words, this is one opportunity to win money from a casino without any risks involved in the process. This bonus is one of the most popular casino bonuses, where the player gets a specific amount as a playing balance, right after they open a player account. This is just a process adapted by the casino to for motivating you into starting an account.

The very idea of free money itself sounds too good to be true for many casino players. So just because we don’t want our readers to assume things, we will explain what exactly this is all about. Being a casino operator in the 21st century, you will have to compete with several other operators who are equally desperate to get new players and do more business on their site. The idea of the free bonus here is simply to stand out of the competition and make the players notice a new casino that has been up recently. Giving out free money to all new players might not sound like an amazing idea, but most of the online casino operators find the no deposit bonus option as an investment instead of a basic giveaway.

It can be said that registering yourself to a website is the very first step to making a deposit and right after a player has registered with his complete set of details, the casino will have a proper channel to communicate with the player as and when it is necessary. They can now push every other on-site promotion to the player via emails and text messages. In this way, it can now motivate the player to play with their money. It results in a win-win situation where the casino massively improves on the rates of conversion and the player too gets an opportunity to earn some free bucks. There are obviously a couple of terms and conditions that limit the options of every player, but we will talk about that in the later parts of the article. A no deposit bonus usually comes in two different ways- either as a bonus which is added to the balance of the players that can be later used as free bets or in the way of free spins that are limited to one particular slot machine. In the later section, we will give you a detailed insight on these bonuses.

New Zealand Online Casinos

Kiwi players are crazy gamblers and a lot of casinos have established themselves there. Gambling in New Zealand is legal as long as you chose a licensed casino that is hosted overseas. The number of casinos accepting Kiwi players are quite many but not all of them are accepting New Zealand dollars as a currency which is a good thing if they do. A good thing to test is the latency from your NZ based computer and the casino. There are several tests for this and do make the players experience far better. If you are looking for a new casino we recommend this site with best bonuses for NZ casinos.

Classic no deposit bonus

The classic no deposit bonus is a case where the players get free money when they register to an online casino. This is one of the most popular ways to promote an online casino. For instance, if you are a regular casino player- you might have stumbled upon the phrase- “free five on registering”. This simply means that a certain amount of money will be automatically deposited to your account right after you have registered to the casino. This bonus is easy and can be played at any casino game. Whether it is online roulette or the regular slot machines, it gives the players complete freedom to spend their bonus amount according to preferences.


No deposit bonus terms and conditions

So right now, let us get back to the important stuff once again. As you must already know, no casino gives out free money. This mean, you cannot simply create an account, get your bonus and head for the casino section right after that. To make the dealing fair for both the casino operators and the player, there will be a particular set of terms and conditions for the no deposit bonus. These terms might not be the same for all casinos, and this is exactly you should concentrate on reading them even if they look boring. One thing which you should always look out for in the terms is the wagering amount. This simply means that you need to play through the no deposit bonus a couple of times before actually proceeding for the withdrawal. If the wagering requirement of the casino is 30 and you have a free casino bonus of 5, you need to wager about 150 before you head towards cashing the winnings. As you keep this in mind, you should ensure ample research and go for only those games that give you the maximum payout percentage. This will help you to complete the wagering before you fall short of money. You should also know the fact that certain bonuses are limited to specific countries. For instance, in most situations, a bonus which is offered to the players in the UK, won’t be available for the players who live outside the UK. Although all promos on this page are offered to the players in the UK, CasinoRank also comes with a large range of casino bonuses that can be availed by Swedish players. Another thing to take note of in this regard is the capping amount as many casinos put an upper limit on the amount that can be withdrawn from a free spin/no deposit bonus. For instance, even if you end up getting lucky and score a win of 1000, you will get to withdraw only 500 if the site has an upper limit of 500 in the case of cashing in. Withdrawal caps might seem irrelevant when you see it from the perspective of a player. But you need to be aware of the fact that no free deposit bonus is free. If you end up getting 200 without risking anything, you should still be happy because you played without any deposits. There are also many online casinos that don’t have any upper limit for withdrawing from the free deposit section. So this is exactly why you should go through the terms and conditions before joining a gaming portal.

Free Casino Bonus No Deposit

Online casino overpowered the gambling scene as long as twenty years back thereby breathing a dash of fresh air in this process. Right since their advent, the biggest casino brands have geared up their action with the best players which has affected both the conventional and unconventional games. While almost everyone knows about the best and latest slot games that are currently available, what is slightly harder to keep track of is the casino bonus. This is because of the several casino bonuses that are currently in the market and that demand attention. In fact, it would be tough for you to stumble upon an online casino gaming option in the recent days that do not have a lucrative welcome for new players. These bonuses, irrespective of the fact that whether they have a listing for a no deposit bonus, online casino bonus or something else- are now one of the significant parts of your gaming experience. But I am pretty sure that you too might have asked this question as many others that what exactly a no deposit casino is all about. It is indeed a decent question that will have several answers. Have you ever stumbled upon a no deposit casino bonus that has been tempting? Are planning to take your very first step into this world of online casino gaming? Well, if your answers are yes, we have our team that will thoroughly help you out throughout the process of gaming. Telling you what to do and what not to, this article is going to be your key to locate the best casino bonuses in town.

Free Casino Games

Gambling has been present since time immemorial. But while there are several formats available, it is truly undeniable that there is one particular form that stands an edge ahead of others, and this is none other than your favorite casino gaming. It is true to accept the fact that there is almost nothing as good as casino gaming, specifically when it comes to the online gambling scenario. What has made online casino gaming, so much fun is the sheer number of games that are now available? Initially, when gambling was limited to local gaming zones, gamers only used to get a glimpse of the real gambling scenario. However, the internet completely transformed that and gamers now have access to the best and latest games right at the ease of their fingertips. Considering the fact that almost every online casino brand right from Spain to Scandinavia is promoting online casino gaming, it leaves an impact to understand what exactly is out there and what makes an excellent catalog of titles. Do the classics still rule the charts? Are slot games the be all and end all of the casino games? It is indeed true that the casino gamers are likely to have many questions when it comes to playing the online games. But thankfully, to spare players from the confusion, we have come up with detailed insight on casino games in our following guide. Here, you will get to know everything about casino gaming. Whether it is about the classic games or the latest casino gaming techniques, our guide won’t disappoint you.

Free No Deposit Casino

We cannot deny the fact that the gambling industry has transformed. Appearing to be constant in matters of evolving, what was once considered as unique can easily become standard in a couple of months. The same goes for casino bonuses. In other words, it can be said that the industry has truly transformed from what it initially was in the late 1990s. Nowadays, you will stumble upon a casino bonus right after you think about it. In this crazy series of events, it appears that even the online casino industry had to look back in an attempt to move forward. With so many casinos offers here and there, it is pretty reasonable for you to think that we have taken a leap to the old days of casino gaming. As they take the classic money for paying nothing approach, the casino sites that now come with no deposit casino bonuses do it just to retain their current members and secure new business promos. This being the case, the sheer amount of no deposit bonus promos are simply too good to be true. As the battle gets tad more intense and as these promos are seen everywhere, it can often turn out to be a pretty baffling experience to navigate through it. However, don’t be worked up anymore as you can always have us by your side. Our team has seen it transform all over these years and the- no deposit bonus concept is not an exception either. We have therefore come up with an experienced team to give players a complete insight on the no deposit bonus. So if you have stumbled upon a no deposit casino bonus portal recently, keep your eyes wide open as the following section of the article will give you a detailed scoop on what exactly works for the online casino bonuses and what doesn’t.

Free Slots Slots No Deposit

Initially, there used to be an old phrase which people used to live by- it said that if you don’t pay money, you don’t get to play either. Without giving any importance to generosity, the key ideas by which the industry was driven by even a couple of years back was plain stingy. Fortunately, those days of concentrated industry power are no longer a thing, as people have now become a tad more generous. These days, there’s absolutely no dearth of playing incentives offered by the casino sites, and most of them are worth a shot. Being slightly more specific, it appears that if you are someone who enjoys online slots gaming, a no deposit slots offer is something that will grab your attention. Now, as most of us know, the no deposit casino offers have been available for quite an amount of time, but it is only later when people have witnessed the no deposit bonus slot game. These no deposit slots are completely changing the way in which people play, and it is making the change for good. Offered by most online casino games both near and far, these giveaways are now widely popular in the market. But keep calm before you end up trying something which is randomly labeled as no deposit slot. Here is one deal- not all these no deposit slots are created equally, nor are they the easiest thing to navigate through. Keeping that in mind, it is a good idea to get a proper insight about no deposit slots, and this is exactly how this guide will help you. We have a team of casino gaming experts who have teamed up to develop one of the best free deposit slots in the market. So keep your minds open and get hooked to the following article if you are looking out to make money from no deposit slots.

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Online Casino History

The history of online casinos starts in 1994 with Antigua and Barbuda passing the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. This act allowed players to gamble online for the first time and with advance technology, thousands of players from around the world can now access online casinos. With over 500 legal sites, online casinos have generated a revenue base of over $18 billion per year. Many of the online casinos available today even offer better house advantages than brick and mortar casinos. A variety of companies advanced the development of online casinos from 1994 til today.

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Microgaming, founded in 1994, is the largest online entertainment software provider in the world. The company began by offering a top of the line graphical software to be able to gamble at casino games. These games included standard Blackjack, Roulette, Jacks or Better Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Stud Poker, and different types of slots.

Microgaming offered the first progressive jackpot in 1998 with Cash Splash. This move stunned the competition. Again in 1999, Microgaming showed their drive when, working with Price Waterhouse, they changed casino payout percentages. Microgaming is still in business with software suites valued at around $2 million.


CryptoLogic was developed in 1995 by Mark and Andrew Rivkin and had a unique idea for communications and online monetary transactions. This venture soon turned into a revolutionary eCash payment system that has become the basis for many online casinos. CryptoLogic also had major programmers who developed an online gambling application. This company was one of the first to be publically traded on the NASDAQ stock market under CRYP.

Gaming Club and Intertops Casino

This casino is also known as Intercasino and launched in 1996 as a subsidiary of CryptoLogic. Intercasino was the first of its kind to develop a reputation of reliable, secure, and quick payouts. This online casino was also the first to offer an online Sportsbook. Many people began to question the safety of their online financial transactions, and Intercasino helped reassure many of the doubts.

Grand Virtual

Grand Virtual was opened in 1997 and offered a 3D virtual casino. It did not provide a lot of casino games but provided an astounding player experience. Grand Virtual was known for its fair payouts system, also.

These companies were just a few that affected the development of online casinos. The companies provide software, but software is only a small part of the development of online casinos. The biggest factor in online casinos are laws that govern gambling. The legality of online gambling has always been a thing of debate in the United States, but in 2006, Congress passed a law that would facilitate the discussion even further.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) limited the bank’s ability to work with online gambling sites that were illegally gambling. This act did not define the legality of online sites, but it did hinder online gaming. Many people assumed that UIGEA prohibited all forms of online gambling, but in 2011, the Department of Justice clarified that it only affected online sports betting sites and not poker, lottery, or casinos sites. Today, many states have regulations dealing with online gambling and many others are going to follow suit soon.

The Battle Between Land Based Casino vs. Online Casinos

The Battle Between Land Based Casino vs. Online Casinos
When it comes to gambling, many people love to do it at a casino, but is there a big difference between land based casinos versus online casinos? The answer is that there are advantages and disadvantages of both. Both offer chances to win money or prizes, but there are distinct differences that must be taken into consideration.

Online Casinos Offer Convenience

A top advantage of the online casino is its convenience. What could be more convenient than being able to play the slots or table games in your pajamas at any hour you please. All you need is an Internet-capable device, and you can pick from hundreds of online casino sites, some of which are even free and some of which you can win thousands of dollars.
You can also easily play slots here, and open another computer window and be playing roulette at a different online casino at the same time, which is impossible at a land based one. You can even just close out the program when you get tired of playing, and stop in the middle of a game.
But you have to get dressed to go to a land based casino, drive to the casino, and plan out your day if that casino is a couple hours’ distance! You may only have one casino in your area, so you are limited to being able to play whatever games they offer and possibly preceding your favorite that they don’t offer.

Land Based Casino Offers Socializing

However, if you are someone who likes to socialize, the land based casino is where you should go. You can take your friends to a land based casino and make the whole outing like a big party, which sounds more fun than just making some popcorn to munch while you play online games.

There are crowds of people, smiling waitresses offering you free drinks, and plenty of noise and excitement. They may even have a delicious buffet where you can have dinner and then walk right back onto the gaming floor. In other words, it is a world of color, light, sound and adventure, which feels bigger than life. You can’t get that feeling from playing online games at all.

On the other hand, the online casino may have only a few sound effects, and the robotic cheering isn’t as fun as your friends cheering you on if you hit a winning streak at the land based casino. Plus, if you lose your Internet connection or your computer crashes, there goes your fun until it all comes back on and you wait impatiently for the computer to reboot.
The bottom line is that it all depends on what the customer wants whether they choose online casinos or land based casinos. If they prefer to play hundreds of games and do it from the convenience of their living room, they will use online casinos, but if they prefer the excitement of playing in person and the chance to party with their friends, they are more likely to choose land based casinos.

Wager Requirements At Online Casinos

There are many online casinos that have built up their gambling establishment to feature many different games, and there are wager requirements for each game that ensure players will be as efficient as possible when they play. This article explains how wager requirements work, and it looks at online casinos that are attempting to help their players win more money on every game.

The Game Has Its Own Parameters

The games have their own parameters, and they ask the player to make a minimum wager for the game on every play. The minimum wager changes from game to game and players will find it simple to learn which games are the easiest for them to play. A player who wishes to keep more money in their pocket will find the smaller games simpler to play, and they will place small minimum bets on each round of the game. The game provides quite a lot of opportunities for success, and it will show players that they may learn to gamble before moving onto larger games.

How Large Are The Minimums?

Minimums may grow quite large depending on the game, and it is important that everyone who wishes to earn more money is willing to bet on the biggest games in the casino. There are table games that have very high minimums, and they ensure players are spending quite a lot of money on each round. The players may win quite a lot of money when they are betting a high value on every hand, and they are often given the opportunity to earn more money than ever before if they are playing table games.

Table Game Limits

The table may come to an agreement about how they will set the minimum bets, and they will ensure the rules are enforced on every hand. This is quite important when the hands are large, and the tables may be led by a live dealer. The live dealer may set the rules before the game starts, and they will ask everyone at the table to abide by them to ensure that the table is not moving outside the boundaries they have set. The online wager requirement may change with every table, and there are quite a few regular tables that are using the same rules they started with.

Slot Machines

Slot machines come with their wager requirements built in, and they ensure the player will bet the minimum on every spin or on every payline. The game will ask players to show that they are willing to spend a certain amount simply to spin, and the most-expensive games come with the highest payouts. The players who wish to take on the highest risk will have the highest reward when they are done playing, and they may withdraw their money quite easily once the game is over.

The Fair Play Regulations

Fair play is an important part of the gaming process, and someone who is searching for the proper gaming security must check the website for details. It will help them ensure they are on a site that offers a fair game, and they may file any complaints that they have. The minimum wager may be too high for certain games, and it makes it be taken improperly by the computer system.

Everyone who gambles must be aware of the wager requirements in the casino, and they must meet those expectations on every new spin. They will find it simple to improve their gaming experience, and they will play each game as if they are a professional with years of experience

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