5 surprising categories of online casino players

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Only the Lonely?

There’s a mistaken belief that many online casino players are lonely people who are looking for social interaction. The truth is that while some players may be lonely, many players use online gambling as a way to escape from their often hectic daily lives and opt for the online casino option rather than land-based casinos simply because it is convenient and offers the opportunity to play their favorite games without the fuss and noise of a “real” casino.

In fact, playing at online casinos is usually a pretty solitary hobby that would offer limited social interaction to lonely players unless they opt for the live dealer games, which do involve more human interaction

5 Categories of Online Casino Players

All kinds of people love to play online casino games, and different people play for different reasons. Online casino players fall into a few broad categories:

1)Professional Gamblers

this type of player makes a living from gambling and considers gambling to be their profession. These players are very skilled at their games of choice and can control the amount of time and money they spend gambling. Professional gamblers are not addicted to gambling, they only treat it as their job, carefully analyzing their odds and using their expertise to win as much money as possible

2)Casual Social Gamblers

these players gamble as a hobby and for entertainment. They use online gambling as a form of relaxation and do not let gambling interfere with social or family interaction.

3) Serious Social Gamblers

For these types of online casino players gambling is a primary form of entertainment, one that they would choose over most other forms of entertainment. These players are still able to control their gambling activities.

4) Relief and Escape Gamblers

these types of online casino players use gambling as a form of escapism to relieve anxiety, boredom or depression and perhaps escape from some crisis or difficulty in their lives. These players play less for fun and more to get away.

5) Compulsive Gamblers

Unfortunately, there is a percentage of online casino players who have lost control over their gambling and allowed it to become the most important thing in their lives. There are many resources available to assist compulsive gamblers in managing this addiction.


While there may be a misconception among some that online gambling is only for gambling addicts or lonely people seeking social interaction, the truth is that online casino players come from a huge variety of backgrounds and professions, but they all share one thing in common – they love the thrill of the risk and the added thrill of knowing they might win big! Speaking of winning, read good tips about how to win the Jackpot.

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