When to Re-Buy Casino Tournaments

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Re-Buy Tournaments

Online casino players who join in with online casino tournaments will find that a re-buy option is a useful option for those who finish their first chip stacks and still wish to stay in the online casino tournament. Re-buys are offered in both freeroll online casino tournaments and also in online casino games that come with an entry fee.

The question that many online casino tournament players have is when it is the right time to take advantage of the re-buy option, and when it is time to stop playing in the online casino tournament.

Although online casinos usually set limits as to how many re-buys a player may purchase, players rarely use up the entire limit of re-buys during an online casino tournament.

When making the decision regarding whether to use the re-buy option or not, players need to look at the bigger picture and then make up their minds about what is best for them at the time in question.

Re-buy option

When playing an online casino freeroll tournaments, some players will only use the free chip stack offered, and will not make use of the re-buy option. This strategy may be good for some online casino players, and for others, who would like to have a greater chance at winning, they will find that at times, this is a good strategy, and at other occasions, to stay in the tournament, they should use the re-buy option and purchase a new chip stack in order to have a shot at winning some great prizes.

As is often the case, online casino players should look at their bankroll, and base this on how much money can be set aside for online casino leisure time each week, or each month. Once a player has allocated funds for their online casino bankroll, this can be divided into regular gameplay and online casino tournament gameplay.

Providing the funds for the online casino tournament are available, players may wish to make a few re-buys if necessary. If the prize pool is big, it may be worth making between five and ten re-buys. The player needs to make this decision based on the tournament that is taking place at the time. It is usually best to have made this decision before beginning play so that the player will find it easier to keep control of their online casino finances.


At times, when a player is already on the leaderboard, it is best not to make use of the re-buy option, because playing more can both win or lose the player points, and it may simply be best to keep what they have already won. If the tournament still has a long time to go, it may be possible for other players to take over the player’s position. In a case like this, it may be the best option to use the re-buy option. Players should consider where they stand on the leaderboard and how the prizes will be distributed.

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