The History of Gambling

history of online gambling

We all know what gambling consists of, but have you ever been curious about how it got its start? Gambling has a rich, cultural history that goes back further than you think. Here is a brief history of gambling to help you understand the games and appreciate the ideas behind them.

Gambling in its Earliest Form

Gambling was developed as a form of entertainment and is, in fact, one of the first types of ever created. Evidence points to gambling starting as far back as 2300 B.C. in China. It was also used as a simple way to determine who should rule defined territories, rather than fighting a nasty war. Around the year 100 A.D., King Olaf from Norway and King Olaf of Sweden gambled with dice to see who should take over the District of Hising. It was back to back rolls of sixes that landed the Swedish king his new land.

Ancient Cultures

Almost everyone from ancient Rome gambled. From nobles to peasants, the idea of chance and luck drew all citizens together for betting and games. Just like many of today’s laws, Emperor Augustus had certain rules that forbade gambling except for Saturnalia, a week-long festival celebrating the god over Saturn. If citizens were caught gambling any other time of the year, they were forced to pay a hefty fine and sometimes even their lives.

Later on, Romans were allowed to play games of chance, and it is said that Commodus used the Imperial Palace as the first casino to help pay for debts incurred during the previous and currents reigns.

Evolution of Online Gambling

Once upon a time, those who wanted to gamble would have to take a bus, train, car, or even an airplane to play. The Internet changed everything, allowing people to gamble online in their very own homes. Most people were skeptical of online gambling in the beginning because they weren’t sure how it worked. It started out as simple games that people could play without betting any actual currency, but soon casinos were creating their websites allowing people to use real money as they played.

Why People Gamble

Gambling is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment in America. But why do people love it so much? The reasons vary for each individual, the majority, however, agree that they gamble to get rich. The idea of winning a huge jackpot is so appealing that people can’t help but play. You can’t ever win if you never try. With the right betting strategy and knowledge of rules, you can play any game and have a real shot at going home with the gold.

The history of gambling goes back almost as far as the history of humanity. From the King of Sweden to the ancient Romans, and now to present day America, it seems gambling has a bright future.

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