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In recent years, the online betting world has seen the rise of mobile casinos. This is primarily because mobile phones have grown in popularity, and finally can match the gaming experiences put up by developers who design games for desktop gaming.If you are reading this page, there is a pretty good chance that you are looking for information on mobile casinos. We are here to help, as we have developed the guide below to help you answer some of the questions that come around when it comes to playing games via your smartphone or tablet.


There are several great mobile casinos to choose from. Below you will find a list of what we feel are the best mobile casinos that you can play at.


Mobile casinos develop their sites and software to be compatible with as many devices as possible. As a result, you will find games developed in Flash and HTML5 formats, which are the two most common platforms you will see a mobile device using.As a result of that, mobile casinos should work exceptionally well on any recent device. We haven’t seen a phone released in the past three years that could not load any of the games that you would expect to play online.

Here are links to guides for some of the most popular mobile devices:

Android Casinos
iPad Casinos
iPhone Casinos


Mobile gaming has been around a lot longer than you would probably assume, as the first color cell phones allowed for basic Choose mobile casinogames to be played on their screens. These games were very basic in nature, and can only be combined with something akin of an old Atari or Coleco Vision game to today’s games.Mobile gambling began coming into its own once the Apple iPhone was released. Once the company opened up for app development, online casinos were quick to jump on board and began developing mobile slots, video poker, and table games to punters, allowing them to play via their devices. Mobile sportsbooks have also proven to be very popular, as punters can place bets from their seats at the arena, from their couch, or even aboard a bus.


Almost every single mobile casino operator has its roots firmly implanted in standard PC online betting. This means that mobile casinos are just as good as their traditional online counterparts, and many of the games can be played via either platform. The biggest difference between the two is convenience: computer based casinos are limited to one location generally speaking, while you can take mobile casinos anywhere you have a data connection.


Yes, mobile casinos are safe. Mobile betting sites use the same type of security and fairness assessment technology as standard online casinos. You can rest assured that your information is safe, and as long as you aren’t doing anything reckless regarding your personal information, you should be more than safe using a mobile casino.


When mobile casinos first came about, there weren’t a lot of choices for mobile casino games to play. This has changed over the years, and nowadays punters can find slots, video poker, table games, Texas Hold’em, and even Live Dealer games on their mobile devices.

Pretty much every option you could wish to play can be played from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.


Mobile casino bonuses are some of the best things happening in the world of online casinos today. Because they are still coming onto the scene, mobile casinos are offering players enticements to help drive traffic to their sites. Players can get free chips, free spins, and great deposit match bonuses with low play throughs, just to get them in the doors.


Choose mobile casinoFurther up in the article we gave a few reasons why we like to gamble on the go, but we want to give you the key benefits again.

Convenience is the biggest factor. You can play from home, on the train, or even wager at your kid’s school recital or from in the stadium at a match. There are also several great bonuses going around, and you can claim some big money just by betting from your phone or tablet.

Another big thing you can do is get a nearly identical PC gambling experience without sitting in front of a computer. Many of us spend a lot of time sitting in front of a big screen. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play from your couch or somewhere just a little different? We think so.

The Safety Of Mobile Online Casinos

Many individuals have concerns regarding the safety of online casinos. It is important to know that all online casinos have to be licensed by a gaming authority with a good reputation. The details on each online casino are located at the bottom of their homepage. The information is often found in the form of logos.

The software used by an online casino is an important factor regarding safety. Most casinos use gaming software developed by companies such as Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. These software production companies reflect the largest in the industry and their products are safe.

Another important consideration is who is running the online casino. Every legitimate online casino will have an about us page. This will inform you as to who is running the casino, where the company is registered, applicable phone numbers, etc. Make sure the page does not appear fake and the information is real. If it is chances are excellent this is a casino you can play at safely.

Making a deposit at a reputable casino is safe. Most casinos offer options including credit or debit cards, offline payments, and e-wallet. The payment options page will inform you as to what types of payments are accepted. Most of the online casinos have been around for a long time. They are familiar with the software that will best protect their customers and provide a safe and fair environment.

Online casinos provide registration security that is invaluable. Due to problems on the internet with cyber crime, online casinos have gone to extremes to protect their casinos. This is done with Secure Socket Layer technology or SSL for short. All data is encrypted before it accesses the web. When a website begins with https:// it is probably secure. The "s" actually stands for secure.

Another excellent sign of a secure casino is when there is a LOCK Icon visible. This icon gives the user the identity of the page and shows it was not altered or viewed by an attacker. This means the online casino is authentic and secure.

How to Tell If A Mobile Casino is Legit

With the emerging availability of mobile casinos it is no secret that fraudulent websites and interfaces lay lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on the wallets of the unsuspecting victim. As players of online and mobile casino games, it is of vast importance that thorough research is done before making a single deposit into the mobile casino of choice.
When researching mobile casinos check the footers at the bottom of the casino's webpage for seals and certificates that have been earned by governing bodies of online gaming. These seals will be a good place to start in narrowing the search for a legitimate casino as they promote the idea that the casino is being audited and tested by independent regulators on a consistent basis.
Another means of properly identifying a mobile casino's legitimacy is perusal of the the 'About Us' section of the interface. Here players can discover the owners of the casino as well as determine any licensing that the casino has acquired. From this information players can do simple web searches into the owner's history and what the individual licenses provide for support and qualification.
It can be daunting to drop any amount of money into a mobile casino account where the player is uncertain of the websites legitimacy. The pre-investigation into the casino, its founding, certifications, and seals earned will help to paint a better picture of the casino. Players should follow this up with web searches for reviews or any red-flags that others may have come across before, and in doing this, they will find a good starting place for a safe mobile casino experience.