Why Casinos Offer Fun Play

fun play at casinos

Visitors to online casinos probably notice what seems an odd stipulation for bonuses – that the player must register as a “real money” player and make a deposit to qualify. That qualification appears because many online casinos offer free, “for fun” play on their games, as well.

The casinos know that people who enjoy a game and play it often for free eventually want to gain something more than fun from it. In other words, they get players hooked on a game so they will deposit money. This provides them an ideal method of attracting new players who aren’t experienced gamblers.

Players can easily turn this around though and use it to their advantage. Starting out playing for fun nets the new gambler or experienced gambler new to the casino a number of intangible benefits that become tangible when for money play begins.

Where to Play Online Casino?

Not every online casino offers free or fun play. Some only offer this type of play. Rather than stumble upon a casino offering both, use a website like Casinos Online to search them out. If a player is positive they only want to play for fun, any for fun casino works. Those focused on gambling for money though should direct their focus to casinos offering both. Start out with fun play and move to money play after a few weeks or so to maximize wins.

Learn the Game

Beginning with fun play on a casino that offers both lets the gambler llearnsthe games they want to play regularly for money. It lets them test out all of the casinos games for free. That means they can learn new games without spending money. They can see how games they already know, for instance, familiar slot machines, pay out at the casino.

Let’s say a player acclimated to online casinos by playing standard online games that use a random number generator. With the increasing popularity of live dealer online gaming though, they want to try it. Live dealer online casino games require high speed broadband connections, speedy gaming computers, and higher betting minimums. Playing for fun first or at least viewing the broadcasts of live games as others play for funds, benefits the gambler. They player new to live dealer games can accomplish the following without spending money:

  • test their Internet connection speed and reliability
  • test their CPU speed and RAM
  • observe betting minimums and player vs. house win frequency.

Develop Betting Strategy
Regardless if the player plans to move to for money play on standard online casino games or live dealer games, starting with play for fun lets them develop a winning betting strategy. The following strategic points apply to winning standard and live dealer games:

  • Determine the maximum survivable monetary loss, then set the bankroll amount beneath it.
  • Divide play into sessions of two hours maximum, followed by a 30 minute break away from the computer.
  • Divide the bankroll by the number of sessions of play planned. That equals the betting maximum from the total bankroll per session.
  • If a win doubles the bankroll for the session, stop playing for that session.

With respect to fun play, it allows the player to learn the nuances of a casino’s games to develop game specific strategy. For instance, live dealer games often draw the same players repeatedly. That means a new player can observe the other players using the for fun streams or demo streams to learn their tells. Perhaps a particular poker player always raises their bet when holding a pair of aces. Fun play or watching demos lets the new player learn this tell. The smart player always uses the same standard raise regardless.

Many players think all slot machines are alike. They don’t realize there’s a strategy to winning at slots. Fun play provides a gambler the ideal situation for learning the ins and out of a slot machine without any expense. Pay attention to a slot machine’s:

  • paylines,
  • payout percentages,
  • multipliers,
  • bet minimums,
  • bet sizes,
  • jackpots.

Use fun play to learn new slot machines because just as a gambler needs a strong return on investment, so does a casino. Casinos need their new games to pay well because wins keep players coming back. Also, focus on the most popular games. Popular games payout.

While play for fun at online casinos can provide simple enjoyment, a gambler can also leverage the free opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a casino and its games. Although no money comes from fun play, strategy can. A smart player parlays that strategy into for money play.

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