Beat online casino at roulette: True or Myths

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Why you can Beat online casino at roulette

Almost all casino players hope that a roulette ball follows a particular pattern rather than hits random cells on the wheel.

Many smart and talented people developed complex and genius strategies trying to reveal the secret of roulette to Beat online casino at roulette. But despite all myths and speculation, there is still no winning strategy for roulette.

When online casinos added roulette to their selection of gambling games, the number of those willing to beat the casino at roulette has grown immensely. Software designed to track winning numbers is one the methods used to ‘outsmart’ online casinos at roulette.

Analyzing Roulette

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Roulette Analyzer is based on a pretty simple idea. First, you need to install it to your computer. Second, it starts to gather statistics on online casino roulette while the player is making bets.

Analyzer records every winning number. Based on this information, it calculates your winning chances at online roulette. You need to make 5 to 10 bets for the analyzer to do its work. Casino Games With the Best Odds

Suppose, you made 10 bets on Black, none of which won. In this case, the analyzer gives close to 100% probability that the next winning number will be black.

Although the scheme seems logical, it’s still unclear how to win back your lost money. Of course, you can take a risk and make a large bet, but you can’t be sure of winning.

This is the main problem about such ‘smart’ software. It just calculates the probability based on a few samples. To get a reliable estimation, you need to make thousands of bets. And even then there is still a slim chance of losing.

Analyzer software does not use any complicated algorithms. Some programs are automated bots, i.e. they can make bets without a player. However, applying bots is very risky, which is why we wouldn’t recommend using them.

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