Slot Machines: Play Online or Offline?

Find out when to play slots online and when to take it to the casino. Are the odds different when playing slot machines in person? See what is going on inside a slot machine and if it works the same on the computer. Real slot machine data helps players to make educated decisions on where to take their bets.

How it Works

Unless the slot machine in question is built with original reels and a pulley that spins them, there is no difference to be found between a real slot machine inside a casino and an active one on the computer at home. Slot machines have been run by computers since 1975, and they all use a similar program, whether there are three reels or five.

The Odds

A real slot machine designer came clean and explained the inner workings of a slot machine, and the news isn’t good. The designer was in charge of created the odds for a slot machine with 22 symbols on each reel. The odds may not sound that bad, but there’s more than just that small reel involved. What the player doesn’t see is the computer’s random number generator, which picks a random number between 1 and 128. The reel only picks the jackpot on 116 or 117. That’s a 1 in 64 chance just for a single jackpot symbol. All slot machines use a similar number generator, whether they are in the casino or at home on the computer.

Good Luck

It is not unusual to believe in luck and grasp onto the sense that a jackpot is sure to come. That idea can’t exactly be backed up with numbers. Are individual slot machines more likely to win? Probably not if their results are recorded statistically, but who knows. Does that same lucky property transcend the boundary of the Internet and leak into individual online slot machines? This question is best left to the beholder.


Want a slot machine featuring different sizes of ducks and a goose? Prefer to switch back and forth between the classics and a gif-covered meme monstrosity of a slot machine? Care to try out ten themes in ten minutes without losing your spot at your favorite? Online casinos have you covered. Want to wait around for an individual machine to open while wasting quarters on a computer that just doesn’t have that pull? Casinos can offer that.

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