Negatives of Reverse Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Reverse withdrawals

Reverse withdrawals can take place when a player requests a withdrawal from their online casino account, and the casino has a pending period of anything ranging from an hour to about 48 hours. During this indeterminate period, players can request to have the withdrawal reversed, and the funds returned to their online casino accounts.

Although there can be some positive reasons to use reverse withdrawals, most would advise players to stick to their decision to withdraw the funds and pretend that this option only does not exist.

Withdrawals immediately

Online casinos often claim that they are unable to process withdrawals immediately and that there is a queue in which the withdrawals will need to wait until they can be processed. Unfortunately, this is most often not the case, and the only reason for the delay in the withdrawal process is because the online casino hopes that the player will not have any willpower, and will reverse the withdrawal, and continue playing with the funds they had planned to withdraw. In fact, there is no reason that an online casino should not be able to flush a player’s withdrawal as soon as it is requested.

The reverse withdrawal feature is there to benefit the online casino and only in very rare instances to help the players. The online casino benefits because the player is tempted to return the funds to their account, and will then use their winnings to gamble some more. Since the odds are in the online casino’s favor, it is more likely that the player will lose some, or all, of the funds that had originally been set aside for withdrawal.

Some options to avoid

For those who do not have the necessary restraint not to play away from their winnings, some online casinos allow players some options to prevent the temptation of reverse withdrawals. To avoid this issue, players should request a shortened reverse withdrawal period if their online casino permits it. Some online casinos that do put the funds in a pending account will accept specific requests made to Customer Services to flush the account immediately. Not all online casinos do this, but there are many that offer these options, and they should be taken advantage of.

Another way to combat the negatives of reverse withdrawals is to ensure that when deciding how much to withdraw, that you leave a small portion of your winnings in the online casino account, and then if you are tempted to use the funds set aside for withdrawal, it will be somewhat less tempting when you know there are still some funds available. Maximize the use of the funds that you have left in the online casino account so that if you finish them, you will not be tempted yet again to make use of the reverse withdrawal facility.

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