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Free Spins No more!

Who doesn’t like free goodies? When the term ‘free’ is mentioned, everybody gets excited and sometimes, people end up making wrong decisions. It is because of these decisions that the UK together with the gambling regulating, UK Gambling Commission, and boards decided to ban free spins. Or did they?

What Exactly Are Free Spins?

A free spin is a chance you are given by the casino to spin reels and win without paying for it. There are two categories of free spins:

Deposit free spins: To get a chance to spin the reels for free you will have to make a deposit and depending on the formula they use to allocate free spins; you will be given the number of free spins that match your deposit amount.

No Deposit Free Spins: This is mostly used to attract new players into the online casino industry. One only needs to sign up to get their free spins. Sometimes, it is used by the casinos as an incentive to loyal clients. Once in a while, they can play without having to pay.

That sounds interesting and appealing, right?

Why the Free Spins UK ban?

The gambling board thought the word ‘free’ is misleading. It really is. Many people hate to read the terms and conditions attached to anything. It is for that reason that when the word ‘free’ is mentioned on an Ad, adrenaline kicks in and people drop everything else to sign up for the free money. But is it really free money?

Wagering Requirements

The reason why free spins are not actually free is due to the wagering requirements, which is why many people overlook them. Casinos are in business and they will not just dish out money to just any interested player. The wagering requirements are the conditions one has to meet before they can access the winnings from their ‘free spins’. The play-through requirement can be so high that it might take time before a player gets to the required amount in order to withdraw their winnings.

It then makes sense that the term had to be removed from the casinos for the safety of the players who think that free spins are a chance to get rich quickly without realizing that they could actually lose all their money and never access the winnings from the free spins.

So, What Then?

The gambling scene is so big and wide that it can be hard to go down due to one big crackdown. The free spins were not removed; they were replaced by new names. Now casinos still use free spins as an advertisement strategy but in a less misleading way. Names like casino spins, extra spins, Fair spins, and Super spins have taken over, to mean the same thing.

If you are still wondering whether free spins are still there or not? The answer is yes. The problem was with the name and how misleading it was. Now that the ‘free spins’ wear a new hat, clients will then be pushed to read terms and conditions to understand the bonuses before they get involved.

Final Thoughts

If you are a lover of ‘free spins’, no worries, now that you know the new names and understand the rules of the game, you can still play. For all the newbies in the scene, nothing is actually free. When it comes to gaming and gambling, ignorance can cost you your entire savings. The only way to avoid the trap is by reading the fine print of bonus terms and conditions.

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