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Trump and las vegas

However, if you look behind the rhetoric and connect the dots you can see a pattern emerging, and it shows that Vegas gambling interests may be shaping the future of American Foreign policy.

Did Trump tone down his rhetoric on China?

Sands makes no secret that its holdings in Asia have fueled a revitalization of its profits. This is due to the drive of one man. Sheldon Adelson. He took Vegas-style gaming to Asia and hasn’t looked back. Here is a man who believes the credo that says, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” So, it is no wonder Beijing welcomed him with open arms.

So, now flash forward to just before Trump’s Vegas “Big Event” wherein his edifice he began the final victory lap into the Republican nomination. What many forget is that there was a meeting between the two billionaires.

Adelson Throws support behind Trump

According to the Reuters, Sheldon Adelson is going to support Trump. So, the question is what did Trump promise the man whom he has gone on record and said, “he and Adelson are old friends.” So, now with Trump in the “Cat Bird” seat, we have a softening on the China pivoting as trumpeted in China Daily the official mouthpiece of China’s ruling party and approved source for all news to the 1.2 billion Chinese living under their rule. This is good for Sheldon as it shows a change in the policy shift that he can take credit for whether he did or not. Appearances count more that fact to the Chinese. So, it appears Trump can be brought to heel.

A major Israeli newspaper owned by Sheldon sings praises for Trump

A tabloid newspaper in Israel has begun hyping trump to the Israeli people at a time where the current administration has given Netanyahu a cold shoulder. However, it is reported via other news sources that Sheldon is the real power behind the Israeli leader. So, this again gives the appearance that Vegas gambling interest are manipulating both Israel’s leadership and the contender for the 2016 election as well.

If Trump wins, Sands looks set to bring in a trifecta of influence in China, America, and Israel. If you look at his speech before Congress, he repudiates the two-state policies which American Jews are against. This shows the subtle hand behind the scenes from the man who owns the Israeli newspaper that helped Bibi retake the leadership of Israel. So, now we can see that elections on both sides of the Atlantic are being manipulated.

Rolling back the hunt for overseas tax havens

Many Republicans have been hard hit by the Obama administration’s witch hunt for hidden cash. The Koch brothers got their fingers burned over their Alberta Oil Sands dealings. But a little-known fact is that Sheldon also got caught up in the same net for his profiteering in Asia. If you now listen to Trump, you hear about the dismantling of many of Obama’s programs and initiatives. Guess which one is on the list. No fair cheating and looking it up. While everyone is looking at the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), which is the one people fear most.

There is also word about the tax hunt that will be curtailed as well. This hasn’t got the publicity that the TPP has. But, Sheldon and the Koch brothers are sighing in relief. You, of course, will not find any evidence of influence peddling. But something must have been responsible for the statements Trump has made about the many program rollbacks. If you look at the people who stand to profit from the Trump rhetoric, you see Vegas gambling interests at the top of the list.

Nevada’s most influential newspaper backs Trump and Internet gambling stalls

Can you guess who owns it? He also managed to avoid getting handed his hat by the state’s legal system for how he acquired it. So, he has a news outlet both countries to back his interests. The chief of which is the bottom line of his ambitions currently is the Internet gambling issue, which if you read between the lines Trump will make sure never makes it across his desk. So, you see the caucus in Vegas was good for Trump, but it was better for Vegas gambling interests. Again we will never see any direct connection between events. But searching the internet turns up some interesting stories that when you list them all side by side fascinating coincidences appears.

Final Thoughts

We will never know what goes on behind the closed doors in Vegas, China, Washington, and at the Trump campaign offices. But it you look at news stories covering the gambling world certain names stand out and frequently appear in the same news stories. Then if you watch what laws are enacted or not enacted and which government policies change. You wind up scratching your head and going “Duh What?” Trump is a friend of Sheldon, and he is a supporter of Israel. He wants Internet Gambling squashed. Trump has echoed these sentiments.

Sheldon wants a more open approach in dealing with China. Trump again seems to share these sentiments. So, it is not so difficult to come up with causal events that when chained together show a common pattern. Whether this is actually what happened or not the case, it does offer up interesting speculation and food for thought about just how much influence gambling has on world affairs.

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