How To Shoot The Dice


Brian thought he was ready. After months of study and practice, he understood the rules of craps, and he knew his way around a casino – he was even good at bankroll management. In theory, Brian could walk up to the craps table facing the smallest of house edges.

But there was something Brian forgot to consider: the way he was throwing the dice. Like most people, he’d shake the dice and send them tumbling across the table.

“Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!”

Maybe if Brian had learned how to shoot dice correctly, he’d have those shoes by now.

Six Different Ways

In theory, dice are random number generators. Throwing a standard six-sided die will deliver each number one-sixth of the time; two of these dice are used in craps, so there’s a distribution of 6 times 6 or 36 possible outcomes. Snake eyes (two ones) and boxcars (two sixes) are the rarest issues, happening one time out of 36. Rolling a seven has the highest odds since there are six ways to get there.

That’s if you throw the dice like Brian did. Shaking them up and throwing them with force will help ensure a random outcome, which is exactly what the casino wants you to do. They’ve got the house advantage, so they’ll make their money in the end, as long as people keep throwing the dice like that. Or you could learn how to shoot craps like a real pro, taking some of the randomnesses out of the result – and maybe even swinging the advantage in your favor.

Set and Setting – Dice Control

It’s called dice control, and it’s not that difficult, as long as you don’t go into it thinking you’ll be able to roll a seven at will. Remember, the point is to make your outcomes less random. Start with the throw itself. Always aim to hit the same spot on the table, just a few inches in front of the backwall. Keep the dice parallel to the table, and throw with just enough force to get the dice to touch the backwall without crashing into it. Think of it like taking a free throw in basketball, but with a different delivery. The consistent form will yield less random results.

Next, consider how to hold the dice before you throw. This is called dice setting, and again, it’s a simple enough concept. If you want to roll a seven, hold the dice in your hand so that the top faces add up to seven. If you want to win a hard way bet by throwing doubles, hold the dice, so you have the same two numbers facing up. It takes some practice, and again, you’ll only be able to control the dice a little bit, but if you’re doing all the other things right as Brian was, this could be the difference between winning and losing.

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