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Do you want to start playing online casino games through an online casino? Well, my friend, that can be a very smart choice for some reasons. The first and most obvious is that if you know what you are doing and having a bit of the old lady luck on your side, then you can make yourself some money. Whether you are looking to put some extra change in your pocket for the holidays or you are trying to make a living as a professional gambler, playing casino online games can help you earn money. However, first things first: How do you get started?

For me, this was a tough question. I’d been around gaming all my life. My Pops took me to the track every Sunday when I was a kid, and as I got older, I’d often sit in on friendly card games with uncles and neighbors. With all this experience, though, I still didn’t know which site to go to when I first started playing casino online games. Did some pay out more than others? Were any of them just big scams? How would I know if I was getting good odds or the games were on the take? All of these questions lurked in the back of my mind as I began to search these casino games. It was through this searching, however, that I was exposed to and became familiar with the tons of online casino sites out there and subsequently learned about gaming forums. That’s right; there are forums out there where people judge and discuss what casino sites are better than others and why. Meaning, you don’t have to lose any money to learn which sites pay out more and which sites are a bit dodgy. Once I read through a handful of these forums and found a few online casino sites that I felt were respectable, I then created an account.

Free Casino Games

Next, I utilized the free casino games. Now, for those of you who have some real-life gaming experience and then switched to the casino online thing, you know there’s an adjustment period. Because you aren’t in the same physical space as the other players, there’s a different feel which can make a familiar game feel a bit foreign. I anticipated this and used the casino free games feature to gain first-hand knowledge of how to learn and interact with the other players in a casino online cyber setting. I’m pretty sure most sites have these features, but if they don’t, you may want to find those that do. With no risk involved, you can quickly learn your favorite or new casino games and how it feels to play them. Once you have a decent handle on these dynamics, you’re ready to start laying money down.

Now, for me, I didn’t just go all in with these casino online games. I’ve been around the block too many times to get caught up in my emotions: I started small. Five and ten dollar bets here and there and I never bankrolled myself for more than a $100 at a time. I’m not a fan of bringing more to the casino than I’m willing to lose and I saw no reason to deposit a grand or so when I know it’ll just make me play looser. Again, you need to draw from your previous experiences in this new arena. And if you don’t have any previous experience with online casino gaming then I suggest you keep your bets small until you start seeing the trends and getting a right feel for it. Anyway, after I won a few hands, I watched and waited for the casino online to start giving me bad cards so that they could get their money back. I still had suspicions that they would never let anyone get on too big of a run. I found, though that the casino games played a lot like they do in real life. Meaning, they’ll let you get greedy and lose your money all on your own.


All in all, playing at an online casino can be fun, and like I said before, it can be a way to put a little extra cash in your wallet or help you become a more lucrative gambler. What I say to anyone who’s thinking about getting into the online casino world is the same thing I say to anyone who’s thinking about getting into real-world gaming: Make sure you have some skills and then take it slow. There’s no reason to get yourself into trouble with online casino, poker or roulette or whatever. That’s why they call them ‘games’ – they’re supposed to fun.

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