4 Online Gambling Trends to Embrace in 2021

Online gambling trends

Cryptocurrency payments, virtual reality gambling, and gambling — while mobile — are all emerging trends to watch this year. Learn which online gambling trends you need to adopt.

Increase Your Spend on Online Gaming in 2021

Research shows that revenue from online gaming is on track to reach $1 trillion during 2021, according to mobile technology news provider What’s a G. Gaming companies that prioritize their online assets will be those who will take the best advantage of that growth.

Leverage Growing Technologies: AI, Big Data, and Mobile

Leveraging AI, big data, and mobile to attract and keep customers, as What’s a G points out, will be critical to a gaming company’s success in 2021. Online gaming sites that embrace these technologies will have the edge in today’s increasingly technologically centered world.


Embracing the growing field of mobile technology will be essential for growth in 2021. With nearly half of online searches occurring on mobile devices, gaming companies that optimize for mobile searches will end up on top.

AI and Big Data

Use a combination of big data and AI to deliver personalized, seamless experiences for your customers. AI-enhanced data analytics can provide predictive insights that can recommend new games that each player will like, curb cheating, and even nip possible gambling addiction in the bud.

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments for Enhanced Privacy and Security

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have caught on over the last few years as alternative payment methods. Millennials, in particular, have adopted this new payment technology in droves. If you want to capture this demographic, crypto needs to become one of your payment options.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to keep track of transactions. Using blockchain technology ensures that each transaction is recorded with a unique timestamp. For that reason, it’s one of the most secure ways to conduct business. It’s fast, easy to use for your customers, and ensures that every transaction is completely private.

For example, if a customer uses a credit card or non-blockchain solution to pay, their bank or other financial institution will have a record of that transaction. With blockchain, complete control rests in the player’s hands.

Use Enhanced Reality to Provide an In-Casino Atmosphere

Although many people are tired of the endless COVID-19 regulations, others have discovered the pleasure of gaming at home. There’s just something about relaxing on the sofa in one’s comfy clothes while indulging in your favorite pastime that feels oh so cozy.

Using enhanced reality solutions has worked well for retail establishments during the pandemic. Extended reality apps that allow you to “try on” clothing from your home and go on 360-degree “shopping” sprees through the stores while still in your living room have broad appeal to consumers.

Using that same technology to provide a 360-degree tour of your casino can provide your customers with all the excitement of real-life betting in a casino without the hassle of getting dressed up. And, there’ll be no temptation to stop off at that high-priced eatery for dinner and drinks. They can spend their recreation budget at your online casino instead.

It’s time to embrace these 2021 online gambling industry trends to reap greater revenues and ensure customer loyalty for years to come.

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