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One slot machine or 500 slot machines?

We have already discussed the random number generator and based on years of experience we can take the casinos word that it doesn’t technically matter much which slot you play at any given moment (with regards hitting jackpots, having a winning or losing runs, etc.various different). You can also check this out yourselves by viewing your game history over a few different slots and checking the game ID’s.

The problem many rookies make is after hitting a big win on one slot, they avoid this slot but use their winnings to play bigger stakes on other slots within the same online casino. Or by using the winnings from one slot to try and chase previous losses on another slot. For all intents and purposes, all individual slots within an online casino can be viewed as one giant various interfaces. Online slots and casinos should never be compared to land based slots and casinos.

Not all online slots are created equally.

Despite what we have just explained, you still need to differentiate between the individual slots within any online casino. While the RNG will generate a winning or losing number for all the slots, the individual payouts can differ greatly.

You can find out the theoretical payout percentages a.k.a. “Return to player” a.k.a. RTP for most slots via one of the menu, help, question mark etc buttons within the slot games themselves.


We are fans of the Marvel Jackpot slots provided by Playtech. We know that a few casino sites are anti-Playtech and anti-Marvel (the cynic in us says this may well be because Playtech casinos generate very little revenue for affiliates) but as with any form of gambling you need to be aware of what you are doing (We have discussed the Marvel slots in more detail in a later article).

Playtech casinos all list the same RTP for a particular slot, even if they are not even part of the same casino chain. And Playtech makes these RTPs very easy to find and compare. Simply click on “help” within any Playtech slot and you will have a pop-up window where you can find details about all the slots on offer at that casino. (For Net|Ent slots, another major player in the online casino game, you click on the question mark to find the relevant information. On you can even practice pretty much all of their slots portfolio).

Progressive jackpots usually have lower RTPs to non-jackpot slots because a small percentage of every spin is set aside for the jackpot(s).

Here then are the RTPs from a few popular Playtech slots: Iron Man 2 – 25 Lines (95.98%), Iron Man 2 – 50 Lines (92.31%), Hulk – 50 Lines (91%), Everybody’s Jackpot (94.01%), Desert Treasure (97.05%). So all things being equal (if the slot pays exactly the RTP during the test), playing 5000 spins at €1.00 you could expect to lose €450 on Hulk 50 Lines but only lose €147.50 on Desert Treasure.

Another valuable note is that if there are two variants of a Playtech Marvel Jackpot machine, it appears that the 50 line version always has a far lower payout percentage than the 20 or 25 line version.

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