Women in gambling

women in ga,bling

Today we are amused by this article about gambling women, the hilarious misinterpretation of us in the society (that we would be angels? Yeah right) and how the industry is becoming more and more “female-friendly”.. Bring it on!

Female gambling still on the rise

This post got me thinking in two different ways: I was first reminded of Terrence Popp, a former Green Beret who runs the YouTube channel, Redonkulus Popp. In one video (I messaged him on Facebook to see if I can get an exact link, but if not, check out his entire channel and subscribe – Terry is so worth your viewing time!) he tells men who are thinking of getting a divorce to start attending Gamblers Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and then tell the divorce lawyer you gambled most of the money and drank the leftovers. I find that completely hysterical, although god knows, wily women are gonna start using that tactic more regularly now.

And why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t women behave as badly as men? I am always amused by the assertion that women are someone sweeter, kinder, nicer, more peaceful than men. The world would be so peaceful if only women were in charge!

Yeah, no. A world of Queens and Ladies in Charge is gonna be soaked in blood! Men’s blood of course. Lol. Equal cannon fodder is not the equality women are looking for. Try a few spins on the awesome Bridesmaids slot from Microgaming!

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