Japan casino resort could cost up to US$10 bln: Adelson – GGRAsia

Japanese Gambling resort

Japan casino resort could cost up to US$10 bln: Adelson – GGRAsia

http://www.ggrasia.com/japan-casino-resort-could-cost-up-to-us10-bln-adelson/Japan casino resort could cost up to US$10 bln: Adelson – GGRAsia Legislation making casino gambling legal in Japan came officially into effect on December 26, although investment analysts have said that it could be beyond the year 2021 before the first Japanese casino resort opens. That is because after approval of …The Cerbat GemSports PerspectivesCommunity Financial News

According to the information provided by Adelson during the conference, the $10 billion would include not only the actual resort but the land where the resort is located. The Las Vegas Sands company has a long history of developing integrated resorts with multi-purpose aspects, including gambling, accommodations, retail space, convention space, dining and entertainment in design plans.

The bill to legalize casinos in Japan took some time as lawmakers spent over three years discussing the latest rendition. A vote took place late last year to approve gaming and several international gambling operators have since begun to show interest in obtaining licenses to operate in the country. It is considered too early for approval but reports have shown that as much as $10 billion in annual revenues could be generated if two integrated casino resorts are allowed to be constructed in the country. As more casinos are allowed, the country would see even more annual revenues created.

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