The White House in gold? Bet on it

Will the white house be all gold with trump?

Will Donald Trump build his wall and have Mexico pay for it? Will he paint the White House gold? Will he donate California to Russia? Will the Statue of Liberty be replaced with “The Statue of the Supreme Leader Trump”? Will he commission his face on to Mount Rushmore? Too easy..


Are folks gambling like crazy on Trump? Bet on it

Those are some of the bets gamblers in Britain and Ireland are making about the new U.S. president. They are so fascinated about him, in fact, that one of the largest betting companies here is hiring a full-time bookmaker just to handle the crush of Trump wagers.
Price said Paddy Power Betfair paid out more than $5 million to customers as a result of Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Trump bets are 50 times more popular than bets on Barack Obama at the start of his presidency.

The firm has devoted a whole section of its website to Trump betting “specials.” It offers odds of 3-1 that Trump will be impeached this year, 100-1 that he will commission his face to be added to Mount Rushmore, 25-1 that Mexico will fund the construction of a wall that Trump wants to build along the southern border, and 7-1 that the FBI will confirm collusion between Trump associates and Russia to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Are folks gambling like crazy on Trump? Bet on it



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