How AI Looks to Be a Game-Changer for the Online Gaming Industry

ai in gambling industry

Similar to the way that it delivers stellar customer experiences for businesses in other industries, AI holds great promise for the online gaming industry. Whether it’s providing online bettors with a personalized user experience or red-flagging behavior that might indicate that a customer has a gambling problem. AI can change the playing field for online casinos and sports betting platforms.

Using AI in the Online Gaming Industry

Data collection and analysis methods have evolved at an exponential rate over the last few years. Online gambling sites can now leverage AI, along with the vast amount of data that their site analytics collect to deliver a personalized experience to each of their users.

Customized Playing Experiences

Using each user’s data already on file combined with AI, online gambling sites can serve up each user’s favorite games the moment he or she logs into the site, as Tony Bradley, writing in Medium, points out. Additionally, links to news items in your blogs that will interest each player could also pop up in a sidebar, allowing them to research the latest news before playing.

For example, a player whose passion is horse racing would appreciate knowing that one of the top-ranked horses in a key race spooked at a windblown leaf during his morning gallop. Manchester United fans, on the other hand, would love some inside info on a last-minute substitution due to a star player’s pulled calf muscle before putting money on the line.

Personalized Customer Support Experiences

If you’ve ever tapped your fingers in impatience or yelled at a customer service bot that didn’t understand a simple command after about five tries. You’ve been dealing with an outdated model. Today’s online gaming AI can recognize your phone number, sift through your personalized information, and respond with information that answers your query precisely with personalized responses tailored to your preferences.

New Game Recommendations

AI’s predictive capabilities can provide your customers with an even more exciting gaming experience, as AI Trends advises. Suppose a player loves to bet on Australian rules football and lives in Sydney. With AI, an online gambling site can recommend other sports with Sydney-based clubs for the player to bet on. Using this capability can broaden your customers’ experiences, increasing the likelihood that they’ll recommend your site to their friends.

Identifying the Early Signs of Gambling Addiction

Again, AI’s predictive capabilities can look at a player’s online playing behavior and make predictions about how likely they’ll be to fall into addiction. That way, they can intervene with everything from helpful information and referrals to therapists to suspending their accounts.

Detecting Cheating

Since online gaming casinos can’t send burly bouncers with eyes in the back of their heads to gamers’ homes, AI can be the gaming industry’s eyes and ears. No, they won’t use gamers’ devices to spy on them. But they can use algorithms and other tools to detect patterns that indicate cheating – sometimes with players’ own AI systems.

With its potential to deliver incredible experiences for players and protect your online casino’s own assets, AI is the online gambling industry’s secret sauce for success during the coming years. Consider putting it to work for your company.

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