The base 5 strategy!

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Many of millions of people walk into to casino’s around the world with their bankroll in their pocket or purse and with visions of coming out of the casino a lot richer than what they went in with. Does it have to be being at the right place at the right time. Do you have to play your lucky machine or play cards on your lucky table. Waiting for the roulette wheel ball to land on your lucky number or color. Getting lucky at the craps table to pay for your meals and day of gambling at your favorite casino. You need to have a betting strategy at the beginning of your gambling experience for that day or time. That strategy is the Base Five Strategy!

Base Five is a variation of a progressive system. Base Five falls into the category of the progressive system, means it is used by players who want to make a good profit when they are on their winning streak and reduce their bets when they are on their losing streak. Some of the games that the Base Five betting systems can be used in are blackjack, roulette, and craps just to name a few. But lets concentrate on the betting strategies which make up the Base Five betting system.

The Base Five betting system consists of the following sequence 1-2-3-5 and each of these numbers corresponds with the units you have determined before you start playing the game of your choice. First of all you have to set a betting limit. Limits vary from table to table or wheel to wheel so you must realize limits when you start playing. Let’s assume you start out with a unit bet of ten dollars you are supposed to stick to that 1-2-3-5 sequence. In other words your first bet is ten dollars. If it is a winning wager your next bet should be twenty dollars, the amount of the third wager is to be thirty dollars and the fourth wager should be fifty dollars.

So here is the example which can be used when you sit down at the Blackjack table, your first wager is ten dollars and it is a losing one. However you continue to keep playing after your losing wager which makes you bankroll down ten dollars, your next wager should be ten dollars again and when you win you would have broke even for those two hands. After winning that hand you then should bet twenty dollars. If that hand is a winner your next wager should be thirty dollars and your next bet fifty dollars. If you lose before you reach your fifty dollar wager reset your system. You must pay attention to your wagers and sequence at all times.

With online websites becoming as popular if not more popular than going to your brick and mortar casino’s. The online sites offer a lot more games to try the Base Five System. So if you are going to travel to the casino or play online from home or work. The Base Five System is way to go to increase your bankroll!

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