Everything you need to know about the betting strategy ‘Positive progression’ for roulette

Rouette strategy

The Positive Progression betting system, pertaining to Roulette, is simple in premise and very popular among Roulette players. One of the reasons many people employ this system is because you can not get wiped out after a series of losses. When you utilize a negative Progression system, you are doubling your bet after each loss, and there really is no guarantee you will win a hand before your bankroll is depleted.

To better understand the premise of the Positive Progression betting system, you simply will be betting more when you are winning and less when you are losing. That sounds easier said than done, especially due to the fact you are never going to know whether you are in a winning or losing streak until it has ended. That being said, this is a safe betting system for those looking to manage their money and perhaps start winning more each gambling session.

The Positive Progression betting system works especially well for Roulette, but you have to choose your plays carefully. Just because there are numerous opportunities to wager on the Roulette wheel does not mean you should try them all. If you are betting the number 17 straight up, you could go several dozen spins of the wheel before that number hits. For sake of the Positive Progression betting system, we are going to focus on just three areas of the Roulette betting section.

One of the sections you can bet using the Positive Progression betting system is red and black. This is bare bones, plain vanilla betting, but that is all you need to start building your bankroll online. You could also use the even or odd section, or the 1-18 and 19-36 boxes. These are the only three sections you will be focusing your efforts today.

To show you how the Positive Progression betting system works in a real-time scenario, for this betting example we are only going to be placing bets on red at the Roulette wheel. To understand the system in its most basic sense, you are going to be slowly increasing your bets as you win, then decreasing your bet back to the minimum, or starting point, after any loss.

The minimum bet you will be making in this example is $5, so you place a $5 chip on red before the wheel is spun. Now if the ball lands in red, you made $5 and you bet $10 on red again. If red hits, you won $15, so you bet $15. If red hits, you won $30 but you bet $20 this time. If red hits, you won $50 so you bet $25 this time. As long as you keep winning, you increase the bet $5 each time, while banking the rest.

At any time during the game black hits, you drop all the way back to the initial $5 bet and start again. With this Positive Progression betting system, you will never get wipes out if black hits several times in a row like you would with a Martingale system.

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