A High Risk Strategy

high risk strategy

Refusing All Wins

There are a number of different strategies suggested for playing online slot machines, some of which are good, and some of which are questionable, since they may work in some cases, and fail dismally in others.

The theory behind this method is that players lose as much as possible so that the slot machine will be able to make a larger jackpot payout in order to balance out its pre-programmed payout percentage. This is an extremely risky method of play since there is no telling how long a machine can lose for before paying out a big amount.

The slot gambling method Refusing All Wins only works on slot machines that offer the well-loved gamble feature. The slot game must be one in which the gamble feature can be used after all wins, and not only awarded occasionally.

The way it works is that the player refuses to be paid out for any small wins that they receive on a single slot machine during a single online slot session. Instead, the player accumulates the small wins, and when they feel they have accumulated enough, which they can decide based on their online gambling budget, they will then make use of the gamble feature that is offered.

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Gamble feature

When using the gamble feature, players have the opportunity to double or quadruple their winnings. The theory is that players will take this chance when they have a higher balance, rather than using it on a smaller balance. In this way, they stand the chance of losing the total amount, which would mean, according to the method that the jackpot payout should be even closer.

As long as you don’t mind risking losing your winnings, and you have a large enough bankroll, players can try the Refusing All Wins method, which may be fun to try when you don’t mind losing your winnings, however, many will find it preferable to hold onto their winnings, especially when they could double them.

It is, of course, far more tempting for players to use the gamble feature in the hopes of winning, rather than losing in order to, hopefully, obtain a larger win at a later stage. This is especially true when the gamble features offer a quadruple or nothing payout, rather than the double or nothing payout.

The Refusing All Wins method does note that if you win three times in a row on the gamble feature, and that you have received a tidy sum, it is best to move on to a different machine. The method notes that if a player wins an incredible five times with the gamble feature, then the player should consider this as a jackpot payout, and should move immediately to another slot machine or end their gambling session.

It is important to stress that with this method, even though it could work in theory, the likelihood is that the online casino will be the winner, and the player may well be the loser.

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