What is the Roulette ‘Paroli’ Betting Strategy?

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The Paroli system is a strategy that has been employed by gamers throughout history. Mathematical odds and streaks have played an important role in how individuals approach casino games for just as long. Paroli gets its name from the Latin word derivatives of “equal balance,” and “one-to-one.” International players will recognize the “par” portion of the term as it relates to currency exchanges.

The Paroli system of betting requires player having a set base allowance of wagered credits. This balance is the lowest level of money and credits that they are willing to function with. If they employ the Paroli system of wagering, players with have to always be aware of the low levels of money and credits they are willing to bank. Paroli is a mathematical betting system that has huge winning potential, but should never venture into a total loss realm.

Paroli players love the prospect of winning streaks. These can manifest in many ways in the casino world. A roulette table can be striking on a certain color, or a craps table can be producing a steady line of favorable dice throws. The Paroli system of betting takes advantage of consistency in any gaming environment. It is effective even in fractal-determined outcomes of favorite online casino slot games.

How the Paroli Betting System Works

The notion of Paroli play is simple. Start with a base minimal bet of 1 credit. When this credit activates a win, increase the next bet to two credits. When the two credit bet wins, the earnings double. The next bet is not 3, but 4 credits. The winnings from this wager will be multiplied. The next bet will be 16, and so on. Paroli betting takes advantage of win streaks in a multiplicative fashion that increases wins with every round of play. This is true of card games, table games, and even video slots. The advantage of Paroli betting is exponential earnings with each consecutive round of play. It is also advantageous because a player never goes below a set amount if losses occur.

The only disadvantage of Paroli strategies is trying to win in a game that is not showing any sort of trend in winning. Paroli relies on the player wagering increasing amounts during “hot streaks.” If the game is inconsistent in its performance, Paroli players will likely only experience baseline runs with little earnings. Paroli play is simple in a mathematical sense, but it requires a player to have a sense of which games will trend toward certain types of payouts.

Paroli play is very attractive and effective for most players. This is true if they are playing real casino games, or wagering online. The best way to engage in Paroli strategy is to wager a single unit bet. If that bet wins, increase the wager to two credits. If that bet wins, it is a good indication that the game is on a streak. Increase the bet to four credits, sixteen credits, and so on. If the casino game is on a streak the winnings will multiply quickly. If the streak ends, losses will be no less than the initial level at the start of play. The Paroli system is one that is based on mathematical principles, has great potential for increase, and a stop-loss mechanism when luck is less than hoped for.

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