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High Limit Online Casinos

High roller casinos are a whole different breed of online website. Some top high stakes casino sites might be familiar to you, but many of them don’t have the mainstream brand name that you would expect. That’s because high limit casino games don’t attract the least common denominator of the gambling world. You won’t find gamblers shopping for free games, penny slots, and no-deposit bonuses at the high roller Internet casinos. The masses would have no reason to know about the best high stakes table games because these are designed for the ultimate elite of the online gaming world.

How to Find High Roller Casinos

So if your bankroll has grown in recent times, and you’ve decided to step up to the sites with the high dollar stakes, you might wonder how you find such sites. I’ll offer tips for finding sites, along with some recommendations of my own. Some will be common names, while others should be pretty exotic sounding to the average gambler. We’re talking about places that aren’t designed for the average player, though.

High Welcome Bonuses

First, you’ll want to find the sites with the biggest deposit bonus. The reason for this is simple: only the high stakes’ player could ever take advantage of the high dollar welcome bonus. Most people don’t have the $25,000 to make use of the full bonus offer from casinos. If they did, they would be making a down payment on a house or buying a new car–not depositing in a big stakes casino account.

You might think high rollers wouldn’t be shopping for the best deposit bonuses, but that would be the furthest thing from the truth. The fact is, most successful men and women are quite frugal when it comes to their spending, though they play on a whole other level than the rest of the crowd. Just because a gambler has to play at high stakes to get the adrenaline rush doesn’t mean he or she avoids saving money when it’s offered. Despite the popular image in the US and abroad of wealthy Americans and conspicuous consumption, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, co-authors of “The Millionaire Next Door,” found that the average American millionaire drives a $31,367 car. A survey of 2,000 Americans polled by The Wall Street Journal assumed millionaire’s automobiles would cost something like $75,000. The fact is, gambling high rollers might be a different breed than non-gamblers, but they still want value for their money spent, so casinos offer big initial deposit bonuses to attract their business.

What’s considered a High Roller?

You might want a definition of a high roller because the term certainly has a relative scale to it. You’ll find three types of high rollers in online casinos: “players,” “premium players,” and “whales.” Specific terms apply for these high rollers, and there is a tremendous amount of gradation between them.

Players and Premium Players

Players are people who buy a game for $10,000 and upward. When you spend this amount at a casino, you’ll start getting comps, cashback, and VIP status, but you’re not the biggest player in the house. In fact, you’re far from it.

Premium players tend to have about $100,000 to $250,000 in their accounts. When they place bets, they might bet $5,000 or $10,000 on a single wager. That is, the premium player might make a single bet as significant as the “lowly” player’s entire stake. At the same time, if the premium gambler isn’t having luck, he or she might reel back their betting patterns somewhat, since those $10,000 losses add up quickly.

Online High Rollers

In fact, the big spender online is likely to “only” betting $5,000 per hand, roll, or spin. That’s because the constraints of online transactions and Internet gambling laws put a certain cap or limit on their gambling habits. So the live whales might only fit into the spending habits of the live player when they go for online gambling. Still, a session of online gambling is a good way to wind down, so these gamblers are likely to bet $5000 per wager and might have a total stake or bankroll of around $100000 at a given casino. These people might wager several tens of thousands in a monthly period, racking up huge VIP or Platinum points.

High Rolling Whales

Whales are the crème de la crème of gamblers. Once again, the whale puts the premium player to shame. They have the big stack; the online casino (or live casino) knows they have the big stack; they are treated as such. Once again, the whale is betting $1,000,000 or more per session. Their bets might be as much as $100,000 per deal, spin, or roll. These people are mega-wealthy and are offered any compensations, cashback plans, or VIP status it takes to keep them around. When your bet can make or break the casino’s night, they want you to keep playing as long as possible (until the house edge gives them the winning session).

Of course, the gambling whale is one of the rarest of birds there is. In the entire world, only 250 to 500 whales exist, because most of them have a billionaire dollar net worth. Their line of credit at a casino can be ten to twenty or even twenty-five million, though you won’t see that much spent in most online venues. These people often play live in brick-and-mortar casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, London, or Macao. Still, a mega-rich gambler can’t be in the casino cities all the time, so they sometimes enjoy betting big amounts online at their favorite online gambling sites.

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