Keep Your Bettors Informed, and You’ll Keep Your Bettors

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Chances are your customers have an emotional connection to the sports teams, casino games, and other topics they bet on. But when they can have up-to-date inside information on the inner happenings within a team, developments affecting political situations on the ground, and tips on casino game strategy, they’ll likely deepen their emotional connection with your brand, and you will keep your bettors.

Emotional connection, as a 2019 Deloitte study pointed out, bonds customers to a brand like nothing else. After all, research shows emotions underlie 80 percent of all the decisions a person makes – including which brands to do business with.

Do Your Research

Educating your bettors takes some digging, for sure. Make research easier for yourself and your content teams by setting Google alerts for major and minor athletic clubs, gaming strategy, political figures, and other topics on which your customers like to bet on. Keep your eyes open on social media and forums for gossip, but make sure to substantiate your stories with reputable sources.

Read everything you can about any rule changes for various sports you cover. Watch for injury reports, picky horses that don’t like running in the mud, superstitious footballers, or any other developments or quirks that could affect the outcome of a competition.

Think of yourself and your team as journalists rather than a marketing team. When you aspire to higher standards, your brand will soon develop a reputation for accurate, well-written content, and your customers will likely have better luck in the games they love. The more reliable information you provide them with, the more you position your online gaming brand as an authority in its field.

If you have several people on your content team, assign them to research and report on betting topics they are passionate about. For example, if you have someone on your team who lives and breathes horse racing, you’d be wasting a valuable resource if you didn’t assign them to cover the world’s major tracks. You’ll get top-quality content and compelling copy when your content teams have skin in the game.

Reach Out to Industry Insiders for Interviews

Reach out to athletes, managers, coaches, and the people in their inner circles. Snagging an interview with even an up-and-coming prospect will delight your bettors. Interview top gamers for tips that can help your customers bet more strategically. Talk to political movers and shakers for insights on upcoming elections, if your site offers betting on politics.

Report on Technological Developments in the Gaming Industry

Just as in practically every other industry, the online gambling world has undergone a technological revolution. Creating content that teaches your customers how to leverage these new technologies to their advantage positions your online platform on the leading edge of the gaming industry.

Inform them about new, more secure payment methods, such as cryptocurrency. Create a demo video that shows how extended reality can intensify their gaming experience. Inform them about how AI’s predictive capabilities can affect the gambling industry – and their betting experience. 

Above All, Focus on Your Customers’ Needs

Informative content marketing focuses on your target customers. Do some research into their demographics, preferences, and what they’re betting on – and then publish content that helps keep your bettors more informed betting decisions. 

Position your company as a helpful guide that sets them on the path to a fuller enjoyment of their gaming experience, and you’ll likely see more customer loyalty in the future.

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