Top 5 Tips for Online Casino Beginners

online casino tips for beginners

1) Depositing Funds

Some online casinos allow at many countries to deposit cash via their bank accounts or credit cards. This will work out cheaper than using a third-party payment system. If that is out of the question, do your research and use the third-party payment system that is either a) the cheapest, or b) the one the casino recommends.

2) Withdrawing Winnings

Find out what the casino will require of you if you should want to withdraw any winnings. Trust me; some online casinos will do anything to make it tricky to withdraw funds. If you don’t want to end up having to send a hair and DNA sample alongside your ID, passport and Telkom bill, do the research before you deposit.

3) Security

Most online casinos won’t tell you this, but you are in fact responsible for your security when it comes to your computer. The online casino cannot be held liable if you allow other people to have access to your computer and passwords, and little Kosie ends up wasting R1,000 on poker.

4) Try Before you Buy

You’d be a fool not to make use of try before you buy offers. Look up online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses or free play, and try them out for at least an hour before you make up your mind.

5) Register a Real Player Account

Only register real player accounts with safe, reputable online casinos. Check out our Online Casino guide to get an idea of which casinos are trustworthy.

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