Entain’s New Live Game Show “The Chase” Revs Up Online Gaming with a 56% Spike in Player Spend

Entain, a titan in the online gaming industry, has recently unveiled a new live gameshow offering based on the beloved UK gameshow ‘The Chase’. This thrilling adaptation, developed in partnership with ITV and gaming tech giant Playtech, has already seen a monumental 56% increase in player spend during its soft launch. But that's not all – there's a unique twist that could redefine what players expect from live gaming experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Entain's launch of a live gameshow version of ‘The Chase’ marks a significant innovation in online gaming, combining the thrill of TV gameshows with interactive play.
  • The game's unique features, including a plinko board and bonus rounds, allow players to win without needing to answer quiz questions, setting it apart from its TV counterpart.
  • The initial success of ‘The Chase’ during its soft launch points to a promising future, with plans for expansion into new markets like South Africa and Italy.

A Fresh Spin on a Classic Format

In a bold move, Entain has taken the essence of ‘The Chase’, a gameshow with a solid fan base of four million viewers on ITV, and spun it into an interactive live gaming experience. Unlike the traditional gameshow, this online version introduces a plinko board and bonus features, eliminating the need for general knowledge trivia. This innovative approach aims to attract a wider audience, offering an engaging new way to experience the excitement of ‘The Chase’.

During its month-long soft launch across the UK, Ontario, Belgium, and Brazil, ‘The Chase’ has outpaced similar games in the genre, with a 56% increase in player spend. This impressive performance is three times the revenue increase seen by other plinko-style games in their debut month, signaling a strong market reception.

Innovation at the Heart of Entain's Strategy

Graciella Anthony, Global Head of Live and Table Games at Entain, emphasized the company's commitment to innovation and entertainment. "The launch of 'The Chase' reaffirms Entain as the home of innovation, excitement, and fun," she stated, highlighting the game's success and its alignment with the company's vision to create standout content in the live gameshow genre.

The partnership with Playtech and ITV has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life. The game is hosted from Playtech’s state-of-the-art live studio in Riga, ensuring a high-quality, immersive experience for players. Available exclusively through Entain’s brands, ‘The Chase’ is poised to become a flagship offering, leveraging the popularity of the original TV show and innovative gameplay to engage a global audience.

The Competitive Landscape

‘The Chase’ enters a crowded field, competing against established live gameshow formats from providers like Evolution, where games such as Deal or No Deal, Crazy Time, and Monopoly Live have dominated. However, with its unique gameplay and the backing of Entain's robust platform, it is well-positioned to capture the attention of a broad player base, including fans of the original gameshow and online gaming enthusiasts looking for novel experiences.

As ‘The Chase’ gears up for its official launch and expansion into new markets, the online gaming world watches with anticipation. Will this new entrant change the game for live online entertainment? Only time will tell, but the early signs point to a resounding yes.

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