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In addition to making their software compatible with mobile devices and bringing more and more of their games to the small(er) screen, Microgaming has also made many of their top games Flash-compatible, meaning they can be played directly from a player’s web browser as opposed to downloading a standalone client. This is also necessary to make them playable through some of those mobile devices.


The main advantage of playing in your web browser is that you don’t need to worry about downloading software or creating accounts to get playing. You can test out games directly through some of the websites offering flash games, and do so without creating an account. Of course, when you do wish to play for real money, you can also create your account and play the real money versions of these same games directly through the browser.



While the flash games offer a nice convenience factor, ultimately the full client is the route most devout casino goers should go. The total customers are usually relatively small downloads compared to modern hard drive size, so there should be no concerns over the download taking up valuable HD space like the same download might have 10 or 15 years ago. Secondly, the program has the full collection of Microgaming games, which could be anywhere from 300 to 450+ games. Comparatively, only about half of those games have been made available in Flash format.

Additionally, the program offers additional functionality and customization options from directly within the client, and those settings can be saved and utilized again later on future visits. And while the flash versions do a great job of duplicating the graphics and stability of the client version, they are prone to more hiccups, not always through any fault of their own, but through running on various versions of flash and in different browsers, which creates more chances for incompatibilities with certain games.

Ultimately would recommend everyone download the full client once they’ve settled on a real casino to call home. The flash versions offer an easy way to test those games out or pop in for a quick play session when you don’t feel like opening the full client. Otherwise, the customer is the optimal way to play and experience the many great Microgaming online casino games.


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