How Online Gaming Casinos Can Compete with Newly Opened Betting Shops

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While online gaming casinos experienced incredible growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, betting shops across the world are beginning to open. Learn how online casinos can compete with these newly opened shops.

In the UK alone, almost 6,000 brick-and-mortar betting shops recently threw their doors open to the public after more than a year of pandemic-driven shutdowns. These newly opened shops have instituted stringent safety protocols to protect their customers from any still-lingering traces of the coronavirus.

Even if in your corner of the world, things are not so open at the moment, soon, online gaming casinos will face stiff competition with their offline counterparts, particularly after over a year of isolation. However, if you offer an online gaming experience that exceeds what they get in a brick-and-mortar establishment, you can woo your customers away from their brick-and-mortar alternative after the novelty wears off.

That’s especially true if pandemic-related restrictions in your area are as strict as they are in the UK. There, betting shops can’t provide seating or tables for their patrons — or even a television for them to watch (which, in our opinion, makes no sense from a scientific perspective).

And, in the UK, their customers can only stay in the betting shop for 15 minutes and keep adequate social distance between other customers. That will get old pretty fast — again, in our opinion. People naturally enjoy being together, so they’ll seek out alternative ways to enjoy gaming where they can get together over a few drinks and snacks. If you provide them with a way to do that online, you can earn their business — and that of their friends and family as well.

Point Out the Benefits of Online Casinos

Like online video games, the online betting experience has its own perks. Encourage your patrons to get together with other like-minded people to enjoy their favorite games in the comfort of their own homes. After a year of isolation, the camaraderie will be a welcome relief — something that no betting shop can offer if they adhere to strict distancing requirements.

Being around trusted friends at home, too, could have other positive benefits, like when one friend talks another into seeing that they’ve had enough betting for the day. That kind of support can help steer vulnerable people away from addiction while still enjoying all the fun online casinos have to offer.

Payment processing, too, is much more user-friendly online than in a betting shop. With more ways to pay and fewer chances of ID theft, online betting is a more secure environment than a shop, where a stranger can peep over your shoulder to see your credit card number.

Use content marketing — blog posts and email newsletters — to point out these benefits and spread the word. Don’t stop there. Offer them on-site tips on game strategy and inside information about their favorite sports clubs, making your site a one-stop-shop for gaming, news, and advice.

Offer Live Streaming Events on Your Site

Up the ante by offering live streaming events on both your mobile and desktop sites. That way, your customers and their friends can watch events at home or on the go, cheering on their favorites to win in the company of friends and family, not strangers. In addition, many smart TVs can sync with your devices to display the event on your television for all to see.

Dazzle Them with Leading-Edge Features

Make online gaming as friendly as their local betting shop by using AI and other leading-edge technologies to personalize their experiences. Tasteful visual effects and enticing game suggestions can make them feel as welcome as they do at the little shop around the corner.

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