New Leadership and Possible New Direction at Bojoko

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Malta-based gambling affiliate platform Bojoko and their parent company Good Game Ltd are among the key disruptors in the gaming sphere both in Europe and across other global markets. The platform’s ethos is based upon trust and reliability ā€” two aspects that are going to be key in the ongoing development of the gambling affiliate marketing industry. Increasingly savvy users are looking for content they can rely upon rather than advertorial pieces developed specifically for marketing purposes.

This approach has helped Bojoko and Good Game achieve significant returns and solidify the reputation of affiliate marketers as insightful experts delivering useful content to their audience. At the beginning of Q3 2021, the firm underwent a reshuffle in their management team ā€” something that may hint at the future direction of the platform.

A New CEO and a New Role for the Outgoing Executive

Joonas Karhu was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer at Bojoko in August 2021, moving from his role as Chief Business Officer with the company. The previous CEO, Toni Halonen, has moved to the post of Chief Product Officer ā€” a newly created position that hints at a shift of focus for the platform.

ā€œOver the past four years, I have watched [Bojoko] grow into an award-winning, market-leading online gambling affiliate organization with a presence in markets around the world,” Mr. Karhu said following his appointment.

“I promise to do all I can to achieve the goal of Bojoko becoming the first globally recognized affiliate brand.ā€

Outgoing CEO, Toni Halonen ā€” who will continue to serve an important role within the organization ā€” is highly optimistic about the appointment of Mr. Karhu into the CEO position. Not only does Joonas Karhu know the business and the platform very well, having been a part of the organization since Bojoko’s inception, he also has a rich understanding of the industry and the broader market that Good Game Ltd hopes to target.

Mr. Halonen also described how his own role would shape the future of the organization, explaining that technology and SEO have always been among his key passions. With Toni Halonen as Chief Product Officer, the Bojoko team remains committed to pushing the boundaries in these areas and achieving a better experience for users.

Important Changes in an Evolving Market

The comments of Mr. Halonen are particularly interesting in light of a changing landscape of affiliate marketing regulation and best practices. Changes to third-party cookie permissions in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and an increasingly smart and goal-oriented consumer are changing the way in which affiliates do business. This is reflected in Bojoko’s focus on search engine optimization ā€” generating organic traffic for the affiliate platform ā€” and technology, achieving innovative and transparent methods for gathering and handling user data.

Moving in this direction is crucial for affiliate firms that want to do more than simply survive in a changing market. The leadership reshuffle at Bojoko certainly supports this future-focused approach, and we can expect to see new business initiatives developed and deployed in the near future.

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