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What Licenses Are Required for Online Gambling Operators?

The internet may be global, but that does not mean licensing for gambling online and jurisdiction is. Most countries out there have their own laws. Every country and region have their own legal issues when it comes to getting a gambling license for a casino. There are other complications too. Sometimes the law changes from one day to the next, one month to the next. Other times what works for one gambling operator in one area may not work for his friend in the region across the way.

Here is an example of what licensing is required for gambling operators in the U.S.


1) Operators need an operating license here in the U.S.
2) Operators need a personal management license here in the U.S.
3) Operators need a premises license. This comes from the local licensing authority.

Anything else that is needed can be found on the site above. Many of the laws are still unclear in this matter. The same can be said for other countries too. Here in the U.S., the 3 that were just mentioned are a must-have for any gambling operator.

Here are a few other things gambling operators need to know.

1) What is an online licensing jurisdiction? This is when a specific gambling site offers software to their players. This is legal as long as a few criteria are met. One, the site needs to have a betting license. This can be obtained through the local licensing authorities. Two, the site needs to be owned and operated at least part of the time within the region it wishes to hold gambling.

Say an operator wants to build a site within the regions of Las Vegas. He or she needs to be living there, at least part-time and operating their business there. He or she cannot set up shop in Vegas and live in Philadelphia full-time. This is considered illegal by the Gaming Commission.

2) There are certain times when owning and operating a gambling site is considered illegal. That goes for obtaining the license too. It is rare, but it does happen. Go to the site above and get familiar with the laws.

What is the Grey Market?

Grey Markets have been in the news lately. Some of it has been negative. Some people may be wondering what Grey markets are all about and how they relate to the gambling world. Here is a small overview of Grey Markets.

Grey Markets

This is when a product is bought and sold outside of the owner’s jurisdiction. it is bought and sold outside of the proper channel it needs to operate in. This happens a number of times in the gambling and gaming world. The shares of a company are bought and sold before they are mentioned to the public.

Is engaging in Grey Market deals legal? It depends upon what a person considers to be legal. It is not generally authorized by the owner of the gaming site or property. It is done in a sort of back-handed way. It is legal to the point of it not being considered a “crime”.

This is why it has been in the news a great deal lately. Some places are trying to crack down on Grey Markets and those who get involved. Some states are trying to contract laws concerning Grey Market deals, making them illegal.

Gambling sites and their operators should be concerned about this. Any site could be targeted. Do the research. Gaming sites and their operators need to protect themselves from Grey Markets. It can happen to anyone at anytime. Those who do not protect themselves run the risk of losing a great deal, including their gaming site.

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