Slot Machines Old and New

Role of slot machines

It’s a well-known fact that almost every player who likes online casino has played a slot machine and that most of them love playing it. Nowadays, slot machines take a huge role in casinos, both online over and above land-based ones. They rake in approximately 60% of the revenues a casino produces. But it wasn’t well-liked like this at the beginning when slot machines were introduced in the industry.

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1st slot machines

Casinos first launched slot machines to offer an entertainment from the usual gambling games to the players.

The 1st slot machines were established in the late 1880s with very theoretical models. Charles Fey of San Francisco produced the 1st machine with 3 reels in 1887. There was a total of 5 symbols on the reels, and the machine was a significant achievement with Fey putting a great effort to balance the economic equation of requirement and supply.

What are the elements of slot machine that attract online casino players? Obviously, the simplicity of the game and almost everybody doesn’t have a hard time figuring out how to play. And of course, the players do not need to sit for a long time to see what the result of the session; each game requires a very short period to finish. And lastly, players are not expected to be experienced or skilled or have knowledge of gambling. They only need the ability to place a bet.


When the traditional slot machines utilized a mechanical layout, the machines with modern technology are based on computer chips. However, regardless of what the base is, the basic rules stayed the same; only the technology has advanced. Technological progress has added to the mounting attractiveness of the game. From the beginning to today, the primary goal of playing the slots has been to win money from the machine.

Reels vs. Screens

For the traditional or classic machines, to play the game, the player has to put coins into the slot and turns on the machine by pulling on a lever. And for the modern machines today, the player pushes on a symbol on the touch-screen. The lever or the symbol sets the reels in action. The arrangement of the characters displayed on the reels, and on the screens for the latest machines, indicates the result.

It seems like that you will need some technique using the machine, but in point of fact, it is just a game of opportunity. If the characters in the pay line match, the player gets the money. If they do not match, the player simply doesn’t win.

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