Spotlight Sports Group Joins Forces with Diario AS


Spotlight Sports Group and Diario AS have struck a new deal that is expected to provide “high-value revenue streams” to both parties. Spotlight Sports Group is a media company focused on providing sports betting and fantasy sports content. Its existing properties include the highly successful Racing Post outlet. Diario, on the other hand, is a sports publishing firm responsible for handling the Spanish-language website, among other digital properties. is a leading sports publisher with a vast global readership across the world’s Spanish-speaking markets. The Madrid-based organization also has a highly engaged social media following, including nearly 950,000 followers on Instagram. These high numbers across multiple mobile and desktop platforms underline just how influential this new content publishing deal could prove to be.

As part of the new venture between the two organizations, Spotlight will provide with betting content delivered in the Spanish language. In addition, Spotlight will deploy its proprietary affiliate technology as it works to help Diario develop affiliate marketing programs via a responsive website that will enhance its position across a diverse array of user platforms. Spotlight’s technology will also be used to generate automated online betting content via powerful AI-based protocols, effectively strengthening and diversifying the content that provides to its users.

An Enhanced Experience for’s Users’s chief digital officer, Gonzalo Teubal Rodriguez, described how valuable this partnership is for the company.

“[This partnership] will deliver a world-class purpose-built platform from millions of sports fans built on the foundations of Spotlight Sports Group’s affiliate technology,” he said. “It is a chance to build a long-term partnership with a like-minded global publisher, while creating a sustainable revenue model.”

Rodriguez added that he expected the partnership to provide Diario AS’s user base with high-quality online gambling content, as well as the information and tools required to enjoy a great experience in the online marketplace.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The partnership is certainly not just one way, and Diario AS has much to bring to the table. As mentioned above, the publishers manage one of the world’s most popular sports gambling channels, garnering millions of unique visitors each month. This makes for an exciting proposition for SSG. 

SSG CEO and Managing Director Harry von Behr described how the progressive nature and engaged audience of made Diario the perfect choice when selecting a partner. He talked about how Spotlight Sports Group will be able to cement its position as a market leader in the affiliate technology and engagement sector, thanks to the support and partnership of Diario AS.

“We are thrilled to have created this true partnership with,” Von Behr said.

The Spanish-language market is proving to be an exciting territory for online betting providers. Spain’s online gambling market grew significantly in 2020 and continued this trend into 2021, while the Central and South American landscape holds a great deal of potential for iGaming organizations. Together, Diario AS and Spotlight are becoming major forces in this growing sector.

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