Online Casino no deposit bonus: How does it work?


Ever since the inception of the first online casino, it has become a tradition for online casinos to offer players, both new and existing, lucrative bonuses to motivate them to play on their platforms. Although the bonuses are designed to gain a competitive edge, they offer a financial edge to the player. The type of bonus common with most online casinos is the deposit bonus. Also known as the match bonus, players have to make a deposit to their playing account to be eligible for deposit bonuses.

However, select online casinos offer a different type of bonuses known as no deposit bonuses. We have prepared an article with all the information you need on no deposit bonuses. Read on for more.

How do no deposit bonuses work?

As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus does not include making a deposit as a primary action to be undertaken by the player. Actually, no deposit bonuses are cashable bonuses where a player receive a fixed cash amount on their playing account.

All you have to do is to find an online casino offering this type of bonus and submit registration details. In most cases, you will receive the bonus automatically but in some cases, you may be required to submit additional information related to your payment method. However, you should not worry. The information is just to show that you are a valid credit card holder and that you can actually make a deposit to your playing account once the bonus is depleted.

So, isn’t it just free money?

From every direction you look at it, no-deposit bonuses are free money. The casino gives you their own cash so that you can try premium games offered on their platform and see what works for you and which game does not work for you. From a casino point of view, the experience of trying top-notch games will ultimately drive you to make a deposit and/or after you have blown the no-deposit bonus. Like any other bonus offered by online casinos, you must satisfy the wagering requirement to be able to make a withdrawal. Wagering requirements for this type of casino bonuses are higher compared to deposit bonuses. For instance, a casino may have an x35 wagering requirement against a £100 bonus. Meaning that you must place wagers amounting to £3500 to make a withdraw successfully.

Since casinos offering no deposit bonuses expect you to blow the deposit in order to make a deposit (That’s the only way that they can benefit), could it be a ploy? Well, it isn’t. First and foremost, the games are not rigged against you. Every coin that you make using the bonus is definitely your own money and you can spend it as you wish. You can even decide to cash out and as long as you have already satisfied the wagering requirement, it should be seamless.


Before accepting a bonus from a casino, it is always important to carefully read related terms and conditions. In some rare cases, it actually a wise idea to forego the bonus due to huge wagering requirements that are unlikely to be satisfied by any player.

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