NorthStar Gaming and Playtech Form New Partnership


Toronto-based NorthStar Gaming has announced a new partnership as they join forces with one of the world’s premier online gambling tech providers. By joining with Playtech, NorthStar Gaming is aiming to expand the range of options they provide to Canadian audiences, growing their resources by establishing a unique and exclusive alliance between the two organizations.

As part of this partnership, Playtech will be providing the technological foundation, with a range of digital products aimed at supporting a positive experience for responsible gamblers. NorthStar Gaming represents the access point for Playtech as they expand into the online gambling sector in Canada, reaching a growing number of customers in this critical North American market.

A Substantial Market for Playtech’s Product Roster

Online gambling in Canada is pursuing a positive trajectory of development, and it is one of the leading markets in the world. It is estimated that around 19.3 million Canadians are active players, driving the country’s gambling sector to eighth place in the global rankings. Female gamblers make up the majority in Canada across a number of different market sectors, although sports betting continues to be dominated by male participants.

Playtech’s products include branded Casino, Live Casino, and Poker online gambling products, as well as solutions designed for casino operators themselves. In this business-to-business category, Playtech offers their Information Management System, or IMS. This platform gives online casino and gambling operators the opportunity to manage user data at scale, analyzing this data from a centralized hub. This translates to a multifaceted B2C and B2B product roster for Playtech – something that will undoubtedly have made the development firm an interesting proposition for NorthStar Gaming’s management. 

An Exclusive Deal for NorthStar Gaming and Playtech in Canada

Under the new partnership, NorthStar Gaming is the exclusive provider of these products to the Canadian market, securing regulatory compliance and licensing for Playtech as they bring their online betting offerings to a broader audience. 

NorthStar’s CEO and co-founder, Michael Moskowitz, said that he and his team were “thrilled” at the idea of the exclusive partnership and excited by the proposition of supporting the media and publishing activities for Playtech’s products in Canada. He also described how he expected the deal to provide a significant boost to NorthStar’s own performance in the domestic market.

“Playtech’s exceptional suite of tools will give us an unmatched edge in the marketplace, given our proprietary content and localization – something we know consumers are looking for,” Mr. Moskwoitz said.

Mor Weizer, Playtech’s CEO, also described his delight at opening up a strategic partnership with NorthStar Gaming, talking about the opportunities the alliance would provide for both organizations. Mr. Weizer discussed how strategic partnerships like this one with NorthStar have long been at the heart of Playtech’s development strategy, highlighting NorthStar Gaming’s position at the pinnacle of their industry.

“At Playtech, we are driven to deliver a sustainable, commercially viable, and engaging entertainment experience – for the benefit of all stakeholders,” Mr. Weizer said.

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