Retaining Online Traffic as Casinos Reopen for Business


In an earlier article, we took a look at how the casino landscape is returning to normal post-COVID-19. Physical casinos are reopening, and players who are hungry for the casino experience now have options beyond their computers and smartphones. Does this mean that digital and online casino operators should start to panic? No, not at all. Instead, they need a strategy to retain their online traffic even as casinos reopen for business.

We should note that online casinos are not made especially vulnerable by the reopening of more traditional gambling locations. The world is growing increasingly digital, and the market for online betting is always going to be strong. However, the reopening of casinos does threaten the online market share, so businesses need to take certain steps to retain that market share.

Get to Know Casino Users

Knowledge is everything when it comes to doing business online, and online casinos are certainly no exception to this rule. These online casinos will need to use data to get to know user likes and dislikes, and then use this knowledge to build user segments. With user segments, targeted marketing and personalized offers are far easier to achieve. Analytics software and customer relationship management ā€“ or CRM ā€“ platforms provide the data that online casinos need to achieve effective segmentation.

Putting User Experience First

While the online environment has made it easier for casino owners to engage with potential customers, it also provides these customers with more choice in the market, which makes traffic retention tricky. Businesses that put user experience first ā€“ by deploying streamlined websites that load quickly, are easy to navigate, and deliver the user what they need, for example ā€“ are likely to reap the rewards. The fact that 93 percent of consumers say they have left a website because it is slow to load demonstrates how important user experience is.

Offering Incentives to Players

Special offers and incentives can go a long way to retaining traffic online. These offers provide a point of differentiation between one casino and another, so casino owners need to research the other offers in the market and create an option that delivers better value for the customer. With the right incentives and offers, casinos have the chance to develop real loyalty from players over the long term.

Building Casino Reward Schemes

Once players have been encouraged to visit the casino, casino owners need to deploy the right tactics to keep these players on the site. Reward schemes are highly effective in this regard. Seventy-five percent of consumers say that they favor companies who provide these reward schemes, and offering the right rewards can truly energize and engage the customer base.

We should not expect drastic changes to take place as casinos reopen. Instead, it’s likely to be a slow process of return to the previous way of doing business ā€“ to a time when online and offline casinos shared overlaps in a similar market space. However, it is still important for online casinos to invest time, money, and effort in building and retaining traffic, shoring up their businesses for the future.

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