ACMA Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling: 8 More Sites Blocked

  • Key takeaway one: The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) intensifies its fight against illegal gambling, blocking eight additional websites.
  • Key takeaway two: These sites have been found in violation of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, prompting action from the ACMA.
  • Key takeaway three: Since November 2019, a total of 975 unlicensed gambling websites have been blocked, and around 221 businesses have exited the Australian market.

In a bold move to curb illegal online gambling, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has escalated its efforts by adding eight more unlicensed online gambling and affiliate marketing websites to its blockade list. This recent crackdown is a testament to ACMA's unwavering commitment to safeguarding Australian users from the pitfalls of unregulated gambling.

The ACMA's Latest Offensive

Following thorough investigations, the ACMA pinpointed these websites as flagrant violators of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. The authority has not taken these infractions lightly, promptly requesting internet service providers (ISPs) to restrict access to these sites within the Australian market.

This strategic move is part of the ACMA's broader initiative to cleanse the Australian digital space of illegal gambling activities. Since the inception of this campaign in November 2019, the ACMA's efforts have led to the blocking of 975 unlicensed gambling websites. Moreover, this rigorous enforcement has nudged approximately 221 unlicensed gambling businesses to voluntarily retract their operations from the Australian market.

Australia's Gambling Landscape

The context of ACMA's intensified crackdown is underscored by Australia's concerning gambling statistics. The country stands out on the global stage for its gambling losses, with the average Australian incurring approximately AU$1850 ($1200/€1210) in gambling losses annually. This staggering figure not only highlights the pervasive nature of gambling in Australian culture but also underscores the critical need for regulatory measures like those undertaken by the ACMA.

The Road Ahead

The ACMA's latest actions signal a clear message to unlicensed gambling entities and their affiliate marketers: the Australian market is off-limits. As the ACMA continues to fortify its defenses against illegal online gambling, the initiative is expected to foster a safer digital environment for Australians. By proactively blocking access to these unregulated sites, the ACMA not only aims to reduce the financial losses incurred by individuals but also to mitigate the broader social impacts associated with gambling addiction.

In the ongoing battle against illegal online gambling, the ACMA's efforts represent a beacon of hope. It's a comprehensive approach, marrying regulatory enforcement with public awareness, to steer Australians away from the risks associated with unlicensed gambling. As this initiative progresses, it will be interesting to observe its long-term effects on the landscape of online gambling in Australia. Will this lead to a significant decrease in gambling losses per person? Only time will tell, but for now, the ACMA's resolve is a step in the right direction towards a safer and more regulated digital gambling environment.

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