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At we are 100% committed to providing our readers with information that they will genuinely find useful and exciting. We want our website to be as comprehensive a resource as possible, which is why we cover a broad range of gambling related topics. Our primary focus is to help you find the best and most suitable gambling site for your needs.  This is precisely why we list the best gambling websites in a variety of different categories.

We are aware that what might be the perfect site for someone may not be at all suitable for someone else, so we have tried to make it easy for everyone to find the right site based on their requirements. We are equally aware that many of you won’t want to blindly accept our recommendations without understanding why we rate them so highly. As such, on this page, we explain exactly how we go about ranking gambling sites.

Essential Criteria

There are certain standards that have to be met for us to even consider including a gambling site in our rankings. Most importantly of all, the very first thing that we assess is whether a site can be considered a safe and trustworthy place to deposit funds. When depositing you should be able to feel completely confident that your money will be safe, secure, and that any winnings will be paid out without issue.

To be fair, the vast majority of online gambling destinations are perfectly fine in this area. Those that aren’t do not tend to stay around for very long. However, there are some rogue operators around, unfortunately, and obviously, these need to be avoided. We have procedures in place that allow us to make sure that a site is reputable and reliable before we even start looking at the other ranking factors.

We also check whether sites are appropriately licensed by a suitable gambling authority in a recognized jurisdiction. Licensed operators have to undergo some initial checks and regular audits to prove that they are fit to offer their services over the internet. They are also governed by some form of the regulatory body, meaning you have some recourse to an independent third party should you have a dispute for any reason. There’s no such protection for unlicensed operators, so we don’t include any of them in our rankings.

To sum it up, we take great care to weed out all the shady and suspect operations. Therefore you can be sure that every single one of our recommendations is a perfectly safe place to gamble. There are a huge number of factors that we look at when ranking sites. Over and above everything else we only ever list places that we are entirely comfortable recommending and using ourselves.

Ranking Factors For All In One Gambling Sites

All of the recommendations listed in our top gambling sites section, including those in each of the different categories, are what we classify as “all in one” sites. By this we mean they offer a range of gambling activities rather than just one specific game. So if you enjoy poker, betting on sports, and playing casino games, then these are the types of places you want to join. You can do it all from just one account.

We have to evaluate just how good these sites are for each type of gambling, so we carry out extensive testing to get a feel for how they perform. We’re looking for the sites that are a decent option for each and every form of gambling that they offer. If for example, a site is excellent for sports betting but pretty weak for playing poker, then it’s not going to be ranked anywhere in this section. We do also rank the best sites for specific forms of gambling too, but we’ll explain more about that a little later.

By testing sites out, we can assess the important factors for each type of gambling, such as the range of sports covered, the quality of the poker software, the number of different casino games, and so on. We keep our scoring system as straightforward as possible, and we simply assign values to each relevant factor. These values are then ultimately what determines where a site ranks.

There are certain broad factors that are relevant for every single site that we recommend, regardless of the category. In addition to looking at how they perform for each type of gambling, we also assign values based on the following.

Values are also assigned to the more accurate factors that we need to take into consideration based on the category we are ranking for. For example, if we are compiling a list of the best mobile gambling sites, then we obviously look at how easy a site is to use a mobile device and how good the mobile experience is.

What We Don’t Do

There are a couple of things that we don’t do when it comes to our rankings. First, we don’t allow any gambling site to “buy” top positions in any category. All of our rankings are based entirely on our assessments and opinions. There are no external influences whatsoever, and we are very proud of that fact. We believe this is one of the many things that sets us apart from the majority of other websites out there that promote gambling sites.

Second, we don’t ignore the negatives about any of the sites we assess. No gambling site is perfect in every way, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Apparently, the powers play a key part in where we rank sites, but we do look very closely at their weaknesses too. Our evaluation process takes everything into account, and any negative aspects will affect where a site is ranked, or whether it’s ranked at all.

We don’t just form opinions and stick to them forever. If standards drop for any reason, then we’ll adjust our rankings accordingly. Equally, just because a site isn’t good enough to make our rankings currently, it doesn’t mean it never will be. If improvements are made, then we’ll recognize that.

We are always testing and re-evaluating sites to ensure that we provide our readers with information that’s not only accurate but also completely up to date. That is why we are so confident that we are the leading resource regarding providing help in choosing a gambling site.

Ranking Specialist Gambling Sites

As we mentioned earlier, as well as listing the best all-in-one sites in different categories, we also list the best for specific forms of gambling. Where appropriate, we also include additional sub-categories and provide more details on how we go about assessing these specialist gambling sites. You can find the relevant information and rankings on the following pages.

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