Slots by Reel

Three and Five Reel Slots Explained
The reel of a slot machine is the spinning wheel that is corrugated and sectioned off into the particular faces that the player is hoping to land on while spinning the wheels. The actual reel is important to understanding the concept of the game because the reels will show the items that are intended to be matched on each reel for the big payouts.

Traditionally, slots have been three reel slots that all spin simultaneously and are stopped one at a time in hopes of hitting the jackpot. Over time slots were developed into five reel systems to allow more diversity and options in the game while still keeping the roots of the basic slot procedures. While three reel slots are naturally more simple in nature and therefore more enjoyable for the novice player, five reel slots offer more pay lines and have more diversity in what a player can win (free spins, bonuses, mini-games.

The growing interest in slot games has allowed the industry to develop more fun and exciting reel diversification. The traditional three reel is still fun for all gambling types and offers the same payouts as five reel in a more simplified manner. It all comes down to the individual experience that players are looking for.

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