Slots by Pay line

What’s the pay line on a slot game, and how many do a slot game usually have?
It is easy to be intrigued by slot machines. The sounds, the action, and the anticipation of a win keeps players on the edge of their seat. If you never played slots before, it can be a little intimidating trying to figure out how the machine works. It is easy to play and bet if you know what to look for on the machine.

The pay line is a line that goes across the reels and pays a player if the same pictures line up, a bonus card lands on that line, or a combination of both land on that specific line. How do you know where the line is? The line will vary on each machine because there are three reel machines, four reel machines, the common five reel machines and more.

Three reels – Pay line is usually the center line across and marked on the outer edge of the play screen. When a bet is made and the reels stop, it should show a line across the pay line.

Slot machines can vary with the play area on the screen. Many machines offer different rows that players can choose to play.

Five reel machine with three rows – Players now have 15 different spaces they can play. Pay lines on these machines are straight across each individual row, a V, an upside-down V, or a combination of rows.

This is what confuses many players because they are not sure where the pay lines are. A simple trick is to look at the side of play screen area and find what is referred to as a line number. The number one line is usually the straight across the middle and number two is top line. This number indicates how many pay lines are available to play.

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