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What Are the Different Genres of Online Slot Games?
Online slot games are based upon the traditional 3-reel slot machines which used to be mechanical. Today, almost all slot machines are video based, which means that you can achieve the same experience with an online game that you could today in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

However, online slot games come in two varieties, depending upon the state you live in. For some states, you can have what is called “Class III slot machines” which is where you are betting against the house. Online slot games are very similar to the Class III slot games in Las Vegas. However, Class II online slot games are still available and these can be somewhat more gratifying than playing against the house. Why is this and what are Class II slot games?

Class II slot games are mostly available in states where gambling is only available through Native American enterprises. In addition to this. Class II slot games are more likely to yield a prize than playing against the house, as in Class III games. Why is this the case?

Games like bingo and other small lotteries are similar to Class II games. Instead of playing against the house, which has much larger odds (but better payouts, generally), Class II slot games are essentially players betting against each other. There are a set amount of wins and losses in each game, and prizes can be smaller, but still distributed among more than one player.

Online slot games also come in a variety of reels, such as 3-reel slots all the way up to 7-reel slot games. This means a larger payout because there are much greater odds.

While online slot games are very enjoyable, they do not yield an immediate payout as in-person casino games do. Because funds have to be transferred, only use online slots when you have a bit of time to kill.

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